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  1. Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  2. TRT... Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  3. Sweet
  4. When is the best time to ask the Doc.?
  5. Expectations
  6. TRT Delivery Methods
  7. My Trt
  8. TRT clinics
  9. Fubar
  10. Hormones and their Functions
  11. trt after heart attacks?
  12. Filled my Script!
  13. sticky's needed
  14. woo hoo dose raised
  15. is TRT dose dependent more on age or on bodyweight?
  16. testosterone therapy and hair loss
  17. HRT and cycleing use
  18. Testosterone for life
  19. testopel
  20. AI of choice for cruise/blast
  21. total testosterone
  22. do i need post cycle?
  23. First (serum) Testosterone Blood Test
  24. Hcg alone for replacement
  25. Free Testosterone High 219.8
  26. Got Watson this time
  27. got blood work back
  28. HRT Therapy love it man 500MG a week no customs
  29. trt how much and what to expect
  30. Talking to my urologist.
  31. Blood test for TRT
  32. Test results
  33. TRT: Assessing the Benefits, Risks, and Best Practices
  34. Hrt prop 200mg
  35. Dhea 25
  36. Saw urologist today
  37. TRT and no sperm
  38. When is the best time to do it.
  39. I want more Dr!
  40. test ?
  41. New to TRT and blood testing question
  42. HcG
  43. Got my script today
  44. Axiron
  45. dilemma
  46. TRT / Test Only Cycle Question ....
  47. Help with Blood Test results (TRT is in trouble)
  48. am i reading the sticky correctly?
  49. will anavar elevate testosterone test???
  50. 2500-4000 TRT levels on protate cancer.
  51. I have a doctors apt.
  52. Low Test
  53. What dose
  54. Average test / TRT
  55. just got on trt. few questions..
  56. anyone
  57. Compounding Pharmacy
  58. when does it get good?
  59. I am officially a TRT patient
  60. Test Prop and Bloodwork
  61. New to TRT
  62. Young on trt and kinda iffy..opinions needed and what to do?
  63. Officially on TRT
  64. What do you guys think?
  65. How to Prevent and reverse Testicular Shrinkage While on Testosterone or Anabolics
  66. trt or cycle?
  67. TRT and the VA
  68. I swear that
  69. Ode to HRT
  70. medicare and TRT
  71. I think the time is coming
  72. Where do you get your Script filled?
  73. Doc hooked me up.
  74. Someone help
  75. Do you guys on HRT or Cruising use HCG??
  76. TRT doesn't seem to be working
  77. Odd pinning moment!
  78. TRT and sleeping..
  79. low fsh levels
  80. Trt
  81. trt/diet?
  82. Question for Someone in The Know About Testosterone
  83. What's the best T to use for TRT?
  84. what should i expect
  85. Need help understanding test result
  86. Found this trending on yahoo
  87. Am i a future TRT candidate?
  88. hrt reg dose
  89. need help for my dad bad please help
  90. Anthrax vaccine and hypogonadism
  91. What is your TRT recipe?
  92. Surprised by bw after 2 months of Hrt
  93. TRT cost
  94. what to be tested for you?
  95. Surprise blood test
  96. What went wrong with my PCT
  97. Agelessman Clinic
  98. Test Results - What are my options
  99. HRT is healthful and a sound decision
  100. First cycle on TRT
  101. hrt + prop / adex
  102. confused after second blood test, what to do?
  103. Testosterone to Estrogen
  104. TRT & HCG 5week cycles?
  105. Pinning sites
  106. help please!
  107. what might my Dr. do?
  108. which labs??
  109. trt dosages and hairloss questions?
  110. Possible TRT Patient
  111. TRT for year and a half - libido steady decline - mentally getting to me
  112. peptides and their place in TRT?
  113. Interesting patent 4-AD and apparently the stuff is dirt cheap.
  114. Oh shit! Where's my balls?
  115. Testicals are hurting
  116. good cruise dose?
  117. Testopel
  118. IGF and MGS effects on testosterone levels?
  119. Script gone up?
  120. Testosterone Therapy Does Not Up Prostate Cancer Incidence
  121. interesting TRT discussion today
  122. Any benefit continuing TRT during Var cycle?
  123. help with Tseticular pain
  124. went to the urologist about testiular pain
  125. Aromasin vs Arimidex... which one while on TRT?
  126. what does this mean?
  127. update with added Free testostorone result, what does it mean for me?
  128. trt and pct
  129. Testosterone cypionate/ enanthate and hair loss
  130. Is 317ng/dl too low to build muscle?
  131. Need help from anyone in the Kansas City area.
  132. Need good trt doc in Central PA
  133. cost of testostorone
  134. higher dosage & lower test results?
  135. Best testosterone ??
  136. Great Lecture on Optimum Testosterone Replacement by Nelson Vergel
  137. Considering TRT at 31. (Superfly can i get a PM for advice)
  138. Prostate problem ?
  139. Adex while on TRT
  140. TRT Discussion on Forums
  141. Estradiol a little high at 252 pmol/L do I need to add more Adex?
  142. correct T for TRT?
  143. How to interpret test level form
  144. Doctors and AAS
  145. what would you do?
  146. Decca and T therapy
  147. Endo Visit Thursday
  148. Any TRT friendly clinics/docs in Minnesota?
  149. Signs of High Estrogen
  150. Time frame for PCT after last Tren acetate
  151. Need Help!!!
  152. Need Help!!!
  153. Need help with trt
  154. Any recommendations?
  155. AI opinions needed
  156. Opinions on BW Test Values??
  157. Uroxatral is a wonder drug for prostate and urination
  158. Anti-Aging Clinics
  159. Hcg for hrt?
  160. Stopped going to the AZ TRT clinic
  161. DO test levels drop with age?
  162. Lab Results Attached... Now What??
  163. Cost question for guys on TRT and/or prescribed rHGH
  164. Total testosterone resultsl help!
  165. Any Good TRT doctors in toronto or gta PLS Help
  166. What dose?
  167. Canada question
  168. Need advice on perscribed TRT meds.
  169. TRT and Tren questions
  170. How can one start a trt clinic?
  171. Reddog is going to the Doc.
  172. T.R.T and Test Boost
  173. low test results about to start cycle need advice
  174. Nelson Vergel on Testosterone Replacement Therapy [VIDEO]
  175. pct/australia
  176. I'm 28 and got my levels checked...Please let me know
  177. Halo Extreme Only Cycle
  178. HELP New to CYCLE
  179. trt in norcal
  180. recent labwork
  181. TRT for a 24 year old
  182. Daily dose 25 mg Clomid doubles men's T levels
  183. online trt clinic? mods can you please take a look?
  184. 200 mg Cypionate every 4 weeks for TRT?
  185. TRT Troche
  186. crash
  187. Insurance
  188. Recipe for 500mg/ml Sustanon and cautions
  189. Blood work, Small Testicles, PLEASE help
  190. skylo50
  191. PCT Help.
  192. Increase My T Legit?
  193. New to TRT..Need advice on what to expect...
  194. Blood pressure???
  195. TRT clinics in Florida
  196. MY TRT latest?.
  197. Quotes on TRT
  198. Thick blood and HRT
  199. Lab results are back....NEED ADVICE
  200. Possible Concerning Blood Work Results... Please Help
  201. extremely high E2
  202. Help with my labs
  203. Symptoms of low test/ test results
  204. Cheap HRT
  205. Is HCG reallllly needed for TRT
  206. Testosterone results
  207. On Arimidex .5mg ED...Still feeling crappy....
  208. What to know before??
  209. Anyone dealt with www.EternityHealthMD.com
  210. In need of SERIOUS TRT help! What to do?
  211. Ever get this?
  212. Low libido?
  213. Top 2 online TRT clinics
  214. DECA and HRT/TRT
  215. My Trt protocol
  216. Need HCG??
  217. Those that have a GP or local doctor helping with your TRT
  218. Need GREAT research for doctor BY TOMORROW!
  219. Just got lab results back and need help.
  220. Can I get some advice?
  221. TRT and what else
  222. Starting TRT
  223. lab results from TRT
  224. Testing your HCG
  225. Noob first time on T
  226. blast or cruise to TRT
  227. hcg dosing on trt
  228. Accurate Labs
  229. Low dose trt, what other do I need?
  230. Interim Blood Work Timing
  231. Nolva effective at all with current antidepressant ? Any OTC alternative
  232. Prostate Enlargement from Testosterone
  233. DHT and testosterone therapy
  234. Help with estradiol levels
  235. aspirin stroke etc
  236. Getting ready to start HCG?
  237. What to do
  238. purchasing test E
  239. Do I need to mix Test w/ cottonseed or sesame oil?
  240. sub q test suspention
  241. does a person who scored <10 on Free Test warrant going on Test ?
  242. Is this possible- Low T but high DHT ?
  243. Being on TRT I notice....
  244. going to the doc for levels
  245. hrt goodies
  246. Can my physician gave me trt
  247. Details needed about TRT & HCG
  248. TRT Estradiol control
  249. HCG question regarding estrogen
  250. Coming off TRT advice
  251. What do you guys do with your old syringes?
  252. Question on BP????
  253. Getting huge on trt dose
  254. TRT Newbie
  255. Help with blood work results / TRT decision
  256. 6 week blood test numbers
  257. Hands feelling swolen???
  258. Hcg for hrt
  259. anti-estrogen question..
  260. Trt typical dose?
  261. Crazy Urination Issues
  262. How long would you run test e/tren e/mast e @ 100/150/200 before dropping back to trt
  263. Anyone use Proscar ir Avodart ?
  264. Doctor Said My Test Was Normal. Its Not... Wont Prescribe TRT.
  265. Diagnosed with Low T at 26...Need some general info and advice please!
  266. How long to feel test?
  267. Prescribed TRT gel
  268. cruise and blast question
  269. andro gel or andro patch???
  270. 400mg every 2 weeks?
  271. Testosterone issues.....
  272. Lab results
  273. Need advice on current situation please.
  274. Aromatase Inhibitors; cause inta-abdominal fat = dangerous?
  275. Testosterone gel question - Axiron pump
  276. TRT in south jersey
  277. Try clinics in Austin Texas?
  278. Update
  279. Newbie here
  280. Bloodwork came back
  281. TRT doc in Oklahoma
  282. Changing from Axiron gel to Cypionate IM injections - question
  283. Should I switch from androgel 1.62 to Testosterone Cypionate
  284. Its been a bit over a month now.....
  285. Clonazepam on trt?
  286. New to trt
  287. Is TRT natural?
  288. DHEA and Aromatase Inhibitor combo for andro deficiency in men
  289. Are prostate issues common with TRT
  290. TRT, Deca, and BPH. Advice please.
  291. Losing weight on TRT
  292. Weak urine stream
  293. Pheromone issue?
  294. Hrt and high DHT levels --- problem?
  295. What is everyones PSA level and age????
  296. Anyone get DHT levels tested?
  297. Woohoo!!!
  298. HGH for my dad...
  299. Here's a littile tip
  300. online trt help
  301. Online TRT Recommendation
  302. Do you guys cycle off TRT?
  303. Should I start an AI or wait
  304. Pct for someone that had already low testosterone?
  305. My clinic: newera-hg.com! Is it the best? I think so!! :)
  306. T is 1162 but LH/FSH <0.2
  307. TRT persciption price increase?
  308. Bloodwork improved! Progesterone question
  309. At what age would you consider TRT?
  310. TRT newbie - Basic questions
  311. Fairly new to TRT
  312. Three month test results.
  313. Open Vial Expiration
  314. Total Estrogen lvl check
  315. Is TRT the equivalent of the cruise part of blast/cruise?
  316. Another question once again.
  317. Low T... Question about running cycle
  318. Adding GH to TRT?
  319. Anyone know about Remedica as an aromatase inhibitor?
  320. After 3 years, getting OFF TRT!!!
  321. test levels?
  322. New to TRT, Thoughts Appreciated for Doc's Protocol
  323. 3mth in TRT gyno
  324. 10 ml Watson Testosterone Cypionate
  325. TRT HCG protocol
  326. TRT / HRT & skin tone
  327. blast/cruise and no more gains
  328. Newbie Q
  329. High Hematocrit from TRT?
  330. 250mg test c/week a trt dose?
  331. Testosterone Replacement Side Effect Management Table
  332. On TRT, want to blast Prop
  333. Off TRT... Need help please!
  334. Started My first cycle, fucked up...weight stucked for long time....
  335. HMG vs HCG
  336. My Prostate is giving me problems
  337. TRT Guide
  338. My (Potential) TRT Journey...
  339. Estradiol High?
  340. When should I back off the test before BW
  341. Testosterone Use Doesn't Increase Heart Risk, Study Finds
  342. is it easy to get priesciption for TRT
  343. Sperm test resulted in no swimmers. Help!
  344. help with my trt
  345. Testosterone replacement advice
  346. TRT Clinic Advice Needed
  347. Need some advice - Insurance change and now having to pay full price for test
  348. Enclomiphene Citrate the Super Clomid
  349. Testopel and deca
  350. AVEED Testosterone Undecanoate????
  351. Anxiety and test cyp
  352. Wanting to add hcg to my trt
  353. Hrt clinics review thread:
  354. Test Pellets
  355. Went to get tested
  356. advice please
  357. Having Trouble with Orgasm on TRT
  358. Shelf Life
  359. good and high quality steroids from us
  360. Any of you have Enlarged Prostates ?
  361. TRT Journey, so far
  362. TRT at 26 and questions Heading into 30! Blood Results
  363. free test number?
  364. Cruise blast or both
  365. Bloodwork back: Estradiol too low?
  366. TRT and Orals
  367. Depo Testosterone
  368. 29yrs old
  369. TRT+ with attenuated androgens and peptides
  370. affordable pins?
  371. suppression from Ostarine - advice
  372. I want legit trt for travel
  373. TRT (Self Perscribed) & Children
  374. TRT & SERM (Nolva)
  375. Weak on TRT ????
  376. PCT advice after TRT
  377. Ever hear of Cordyceps Militaris raising Test levels?
  378. DFW Texas TRT Dr
  379. First time TRT shot?
  380. A little basic info trt
  381. Trt weight management
  382. what r the symptoms of low t levels
  383. cervical disk replacement and TRT
  384. Current TRT protocol's. What r you running and how much?
  385. Sensitive Nipples on TRT
  386. TRT and hair
  387. SubQ TRT
  388. TRT 200mg every 3 weeks
  389. Whats the most test you have been prescribed
  390. New to TRT, need advice
  391. enanthate fake or not??????
  392. I'm about to cruise for a month or so. Need some advice.
  393. new protocol, new results
  394. semen analysis, need advice
  395. Exemestane versus Anastrozole, what your daily dose?
  396. TRT - AI - Having kids....
  397. Weekly HCG injections, when?
  398. Former cancer patient
  399. TRT/HRT Clinics in Atlanta
  400. TRT clinics
  401. Steroids Cycle Reference from Landmarkchem/Leslee
  402. Bloodowrk to receivve TRT
  403. Blast and cruise.
  404. How fast will test level fall?
  405. whats a good compound to add to TRT dose
  406. TRT Bloodwork on 100mgs test cyp / 500iu's HCG weekly
  407. Sermoeline T and HCG ??
  408. TRT docs in NJ that take insurance?