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06-04-2009, 02:47 AM
Hi guys, i'm new on here i hope this isn't too long and i get flamed!

height:6f 2
weight: 205
bf%: 11
age 24
training: 5 years

I'm hoping someone can help, i recently did my first REAL cycle which consisted of:

Anadrol 100mgs ED weeks 1-3
Andropen 275 2ml EW weeks 1-8 shooting tue&fri
Winstrol depot 3ml EW weeks 7-10
pct nolva @ 20mgs ED for 30 days starting 18 days after my last andro shot.

this was my first cycle and i know it may not be perfect but boy did it work well, after the pct was done i reckon i'd kept around 25-30 pounds of lean gains.

so i couldn't wait for my next cycle, i waited 10 weeks before commencing this:

Proviron 25mgs ED weeks 1-10 (on the advice of my source, i did it for aroma protection)
D-bol 40mgs ED weeks 1-4
Andropen 275 2ml EW weeks 1-10 shooting M/W/F
Anavar 40mgs ED weeks 7-10
pct with nolva

so here's my PROBLEM, 3 weeks in i'd not gained a thing and started getting puffy nipples big time almost over night, i spoke with my guy who obviously said hit the nolva. I did this and also stopped the D-bol. A week later it was getting worse and i'd developed a small lump under my left nip. After speaking with him again i dropped the cycle and have been hitting the nolva at 40mgs ED since.......it hasn't helped much....yet. I have some letro on order.

Sorry this is so long! can anyone with some experience tell me what i've done wrong here please, should i have been running an A.I instead of proviron for aroma protection? was the D-bol too hich a dose? was i more succeptable to gyno after pct-ing with a SERM the cycle before due to extra breast tissue receptors?


06-04-2009, 08:33 AM
You have taken three drugs for your first and second cycle! BIG MISTAKE not to mention a very poor choice of drugs.

This is why people advise beginners to use only one drug to begin with and that has to be TESTOSTERONE. Now you have no idea what drug caused you problems for future reference.

06-04-2009, 11:17 AM
That's a fair point, with the first REAL cycle the bulk of it was the Andropen275 which is 5 esthers of test, i'd used anadrol before that and felt it would be a good kicker. I was really happy with my results also, so i feel cyle one was a success.

Having said that i fully appreciate your point there and if i could go back i may have gone with just test enth with an anadrol kicker.
What would you have suggested?

Does anyone have an opinion/experience on what's gone wrong with the beggining of this 2nd cycle. For a begginer is that too much dbol? i ran proviron @ 25mgs on the advice of my source to help combat eaostrogen and free up the test, is that a high enough dose to stop aromatization? or would adex have been a wiser choice?

Thanks for commenting shadow

06-05-2009, 12:22 AM
I would have suggested Test E 400mg/W
8-10 weeks and clomid for PCT. Simple but effective.

Your Dbol dose is too high combined with all the other drugs you were taking I am not surprised with the outcome.

The problem is when you take so many different types of AAS drugs you need more cycle support drugs to counteract the problems which can lead to even more side effects.

You body is new to the increased hormones and starting at a high dose and mixing drugs is a recipe for disaster.

I would strongly suggest you stop taking advice from your source and if you ever plan on using again then start with a basic cycle like I suggested but I would let your body recover for a good while before you consider anything.

06-05-2009, 02:55 AM
Thanks shadow, that's some good solid advice there.

I guess i may have jumped in the deep end a little, i had done anadrol a few times before with milk thistle so i felt compfy with that. The Andropen which is pretty much sust was the new one for me, and with the injectable winny i easn't worried because it didn't aromatize.

2nd time round i more or less tried to do the same thing but i couldn't get anadrol, i'd never done dbol before so 40mgs was stupid of me. Also i was shooting the andro M/W/F which made better use of the short acting esthers, this again was a new variable i chucked into the mix. I've looked into proviron a little better and most guys seem to be running that at higher doses too......so my "protection" was a waste of time too. Reading this i'm not surprised i've wound up with early gyno!

But i have dropped the cycle a while back and i'm trying to keep it at bay/get rid of it with nolva while i wait for the cavilry to arrive (letrozole)

Shadow i thank you, i will be taking your advice bro, i'm gonna pct then give my body a good long recovery time before thinking of using again. When and if i do it will be a single esthered test. Why enth in your opinion shadow? because you can do less jabs? don't you get more "bang for your buck" with prop?

thanks again for your input bro.