View Full Version : help on test 400/sustanon 250 cycle

wilson 77
06-12-2009, 01:16 PM

I'm 6ft 3" and 220lbs, i eat well and train well but feel i have got as big as i can without the help of steroids, ive researched a lot about PCT and have got some clomid to take, with my cycle, ive got 10ml test 400 and 10ml sustanon 250, is this a good course for my first cycle?

the test 400 is fom spain (black widow labs) and have researched alot into this but all i can find is test 400 from mexico thats got some bad reviews,
how much should i expect to gain from 1ml test and 1ml sustanon per week, what i mean is am i suddenly going to blow up and state the bleeding obvious, or would i get nice gradual gains over the 10 week period!!!