View Full Version : eod sust-m/w/f winstrol

06-19-2009, 02:07 AM
currently i am closing off the last 4 weeks of my 10 week cycle by including m/w/f injections of winstrol but i am jabbing eod with sustanon which has lead me to be injecting ed of the week apart from one - is this overload on my blood levels ? could this induce gyno if there is too much test ?
my gear is andropen275 - eod 0.7ml
and winstrol depot - m/w/f 50mg
also running proviron ed 25mg (too low i'm told but i can't re-up so it will have to do)
my last cycle i ran sust twice a week and again finished the last 4 weeks of my cycle with m/w/f winstrol jabs ,gains were good and solid. any thoughts on what i'm doing right now would be most appreciated negative or positive.
cheers ROAST