View Full Version : stacking with cyp

08-09-2009, 10:13 AM
just wondering what is most effective to stack with test cyp. im laid off and cant affored a bunch of different things. i was hoping to find one good thing to stack with cyp or somthing that is better to take by itself than cyp.

Right Hook
08-09-2009, 01:00 PM
Well depends on the goal a little bit. If you can't afford much just grab a cheap oral to kickstart your cycle with.

08-09-2009, 07:45 PM
Is this your first cycle? If it is, just go with the test cyp. DBol is good from what I've heard. the problem with an oral PH is that the sides arent worth it, plus the liver support can be a bit of an expense. Good luck with it.

08-10-2009, 02:47 PM
its not my first cycle. i am a rookie tho. i just finished my second cycle of cyp. ( both cycles were with cyp by itself ) ive gained 35 pounds since i started. that puts me at 230 lbs. ( im 6 ft 3in, with little body fat)i am happy with those gains but im looking for a little more and thought if i add somthing with it, it might get me were i wanna be a little faster. my goal is to gain a little bit more muscle mass than i did with my first two cycle and my minimum goal weight is 250lbs. im close but not there quite yet.

08-10-2009, 05:10 PM
Tell us more about your previous cyp cycles, doses, duration, and PCT. What's your age and BF? "Little" could be 5% or to some, 20%.