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09-03-2009, 07:25 PM
6'1" 200lbs 34yo. 2 previous 8 week cycles in 3 year period.
I have tried every different way I know how to write out my weekly injection plans and nothing sounds right to me. this is what I have to work with, 10 amp primo 100mg/ml
15amp deca 200mg/2ml
15amp test.e250mg/ml
I have plenty of nolva and 3x 5000iu hcg .the pct is not a question its just that I want to use every thing so its best possible combo. do you see why I asked for advise on this. thanks for any ideas on how to put this together. should I use deca and primo together? or use what little primo I have at the end?

09-04-2009, 12:37 AM
What were your previous cycles?

Whats your BF%?

09-04-2009, 09:29 AM
Shadowcam is right ? More importantly what are your goals, mass, cut what ? ITs great to set those goals ahead and then work from there....What were the amounts you took in your previous cycles? and ask your self if you have access to other goodies if you need them .....if so .....you could curtial what you have already to specify your needs a touch better...

any who....

for example ... just going by what you have mentioned and not knowing past dosing and experiance...etc

For good solid mass.. split the dosage up ...alot of oil to take in one day
Sundays Thursdays
E250mg Deca200mg
wk1 500 400
wk2 500 400
wk3 500 400
wk4 500 400
wk5 500 400
wk6 500 400
wk7 250 200
wk8 250 200
wk9 250 200

This was set up to use all that you have so you dont have 1-3 amps lying around,....

If dosage to high just run 1 - 250e and 1- 200 deca in one shot in one day, every 5-7 days for 8 -10 weeks. 200 mg of deca can be touch low and have heard that 400mg is the doages for good results without to many if any sides. not as wet as the e250 either. The deca will help with your joints when taking the e250 as well

Of course save your HCg for teh end, maybe see if you can get some clomid as well. I dont know how you react with these compounds in the cycle so you could need some anti estr like nolvadex 20-40mg a day pending on what works for you. I am sure you know..... more is not always better with any of these. Be safe and hope this helped a little

PS i am assuming the primo you are talking about is primobolan so save that for hardening up after the mass cycle . see if u can grab some winny and or suspension to stack with it.. so many options..... dosages and stacks to play with , jsut do what works best for your health and goals.... trail and error... or maybe this :hmmm:

E250mg Deca200mg Primobolan
wk1 500
wk2 500
wk3 500 400
wk4 500 400
wk5 400 200
wk6 400 200
wk7 200
wk8 200

Nice easy taper , you use everything and still have some left over for another go mate !!!

09-04-2009, 07:28 PM
sorry that post didnt copy corrrect

e250 wk1-4 500 , deca wk3-6 200, primo wk5-8 200

09-04-2009, 11:47 PM
looks like you have enough gear to run 6-8 weeks..sorta short for a deca cycle. If I were in your shoes I'd get more before starting unless you are running test at 250mg/week. I assume since you done this a couple other times you'd be running it at 500mg/week...but if you gain on 250mg then go for it...more is not always better. :)

09-05-2009, 04:29 PM
Its probably to late to reply my dad has been in hospitol with fractured vertabrea. but heres you guys anwser bf 12% previous cycle 1 year ago 500mg test.e/week/8. 20mg d-bol/day for 4 weeks. 1st cycle 3 years ago 250mg/week test.e 30mg d-bol/day for 40 days. my goal is to beef up to 230lb(200lbnow)I wanna keep water weight down as much as possible gets bp to high. I have small bones the doc says ideal weight for me is 165lb I feel like a p.o.w. @ 200lb, 165lb hah no way! anyway will it make any help to combine the primo 200mg/week with deca@ 400mg/week I just wanna use up the primo dont have much(10amps) and lost supplier. and yes I will be doing 500mg test.e/wk just trying to figure out best use for limited deca and primo. thanks for all you guys time.rockman