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11-14-2009, 04:15 PM
Hello guys I'm new here and I'm going to participate to the forum. I'll update my training journal once weekly. I'm 29 yo nearly 30 :( My main goal is Strength I don't really care about muscle size but it's a good side-effect. I trained for a few years but never go really strong and I just started a new training method of mine :nerd:

My Method: I train everyday : One set of 8-10 reps Not To Failure with around 70% of my 1RM. I use a chrono to measure my TUT. I stop the set after 20 seconds, no matter how many reps I did but my target is 8-10 reps. If I can do 10 reps or more I increase a little bit the load. The goal is to create some fatigue (some stimulation) but not too much. I used to train HIT style and always overtrained / get weaker.

My routine : is built around 3 exercises : Deadlift, Floor Press and Curl. I train at home and have minimum equipment.

Today I did :

Workout n°1
Curl Left Arm: 18kg*8
Curl Right Arm: 17kg*8
Floor Press Left Arm: 32kg*8
Floor Press Right Arm: 32kg*9
Deadlift: 110kg*8

That's it. I like short workouts. I may increase my Time Limit for Deadlift because each rep takes more time. I need to experiment a little bit more.

I hope some of you will find this way to train interesting and we'll see how it works :thinking: I'm not sure it'll work but if it doesn't I'll try to fix it :geewhiz:

11-15-2009, 06:26 AM
Today I update because I have already made a change : Time-Limit = 12seconds instead of 20 which was too long.

Workout n°2
Curl Left Arm: 18kg*6
Curl Right Arm: 17kg*5
Floor Press Left Arm: 32kg*7
Floor Press Right Arm: 32kg*7
Deadlift: 112.5kg*6

I'll increase the Floor Press to 33kg because I did 7 reps in 12 seconds and I guess I cannot do more... but I may increase my speed in the next weeks so I may have to decrease the Time-Limit again. It was a good workout. Fun, explosive and short :thumb:

11-21-2009, 07:50 AM
I trained every day since my last post and I made a few changes :

Workout n°8

T=12s Curl Left Arm: 20kg*7
T=12s Curl Right Arm: 19kg*5
T=12s Floor Press Left Arm: 35kg*6
T=12s Floor Press Right Arm: 35kg*7
T=08s Pendlay Row : 66.25kg*7
T=15s Full Front Squat : 60*7 very hard to squat without pause.

I switched to ROW + Squat instead of Deadlift. It was too dangerous to do super-explosive-reps on the DL. I slighty increased the load on every lift and adjusted my Time-Limit for the Row and Squat. 12 seconds was too much for the ROW (very limited range of motion) and it was not enough for the squat because I have to clean the barbell. When I can do 7 reps or more I increase the load.

So far it seems good but it's difficult to juge a new program before at least 4-5 weeks. I'll continue to train like that and do a report next week :paddle: