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12-07-2009, 04:21 AM
Hi guys, this is my first post on this board. Hopefully it wont sux! :p

So, I´m looking for a cycle to help me build some lbm, and lower my fat%.

What I´m looking at right now is Test E, and Tren E.

This is my suggestion for my cycle, please critique:

1-12 Test E 250mg per week
4-12 Tren E 200mg per week
1-4 T-bol 50mg ED

4-12 HCG 500 IU per week
1-10 aromasin 12,5mg EOD
10-12 aromasin 12,5mg ED


12-17 Nolva 40-20-20-20-20

I´m going low dose because I truly believe I don´t need anymore than this for my goals. Especially since the test is there only to maintain muscle mass, and bodily functions..

The reason I have chosen to run Tren E from week 4, is because I´ve heard that it can be quite harsh on liver and kidneys.
Is this true?
What is max length I could run Tren E, if I can handle the sides well?

I´ve chosen tren E over A, because its suppose to be more stable = Less side effects.
Also, I wouldt hate my life if I should inject ED / EOD.

Also, should I have some letro on hand?


Age: 21
Height: 6´3
Weight: 218 lbs
Fat: 11,6%
BMR: 2260 kcal per day
Training exp: 6 years with weights..

Cycle exp: Just finished my first cycle of:

1-10 Test E 500mg per week
6-10 Winstrol 50mg ED


Breakfast 0600
Eggwhites + some yolk

Brunch 0800-0900
Sweet potato / Rice
Green beans
Homemade proteinbar - Peanutbutter, honny, oatmeal and neutral protein powder

Lunch 11:25
The same as above usually

Preworkout 1400-1600
Carbs, caffeine, AAKG, glutamine BCAA etc..

Etter trening
1x Banana

Lean meat
Sweet potatoVeggies


Workout plan:
Monday - Chest / Triceps
Tuesday- Sprint training - Breathing technic og anaerobe endurance
Wednesday - Back/Biceps
Thursday - Sprint training - Running technic and intervals
Friday - Legs / Calves
Saturday - Sprint test - Test of speed, actual sprinting
Sunday - Core / Shoulder


I know Tren is going ruin my aerobic endurance. Is this temporary or permanent?
I´m not a sprinter, I just sprint to stay quick, and get some variation in my training.

Help would be appreciated!

12-17-2009, 12:56 AM
21 is a bit young for steroid use and only 218 at 6'3'' after a cycle tells me you could use a few more years of natural training.

As for the cycle I would consider test prop and tren A both run at lower doses for a total of 8 weeks.

12-17-2009, 04:26 AM
You're ass backwards with your Tren. Tren A shows less sides and of course once you stop pinning the sides fade quickly. All you have to do to keep your levels stable is pin ED or EOD.

Tren can be run for up to 6 weeks, but I'd advise against running it any longer.

Also, up the test dose slightly over your Tren dose. This should help with the malaise and loss of libido you may experience.

12-17-2009, 06:31 AM
I'd make sure you can handle tren ace before doing Tren E. This would be a better second cycle:

1-14 Test E 500mg per week
1-12 Deca 300mg per week
1-4 T-bol 50mg ED

If you are going to dose the nolva that low and start that early, I recommend extending the length of PCT. PCT should last at least 6 weeks after your last inject, as the gear takes time to clear.

12-17-2009, 08:34 AM
Tren E is kinda long for a first run. I would start it around week 7. This will be good timing to keep your body from homeostasis.

The Test dose is too low. I would go 300mg weekly MINIMUM and when you add the tren increase the Test to double the Tren dose. This will not only keep libido but also help the gains keep rolling by countering homeostasis.

The HCG dose is way too low. You need a MINIMUM of 500iu TWICE weekly to maintain ITT levels. If you use the proper amount of HCG on cycle you need to keep taking it as the aas esters are clearing at a higher dose those weeks, so weeks 13 and 14 I would pin 1,000iu HCG eod.

Since HCG and testosterone aromatizes you need to extend your AI through week 14 MINIMUM.