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02-01-2010, 08:37 AM
hey guys, im currently running hgh at 4ius/ed. Now to burn fat i have read numerous articles to take t4 as the hgh needs the conversion process of the t4 into t3. I have also read that you should take t4 for as long as the hgh cycle is...which im not. but i was just wondering how long is the safest to use. im also running test for 12 weeks but wont start the t4 until i start my test. i will be running t4 at 100mcgs/ed i just dont know how long i can run the t4 for during my test cycle...

Any help would be appretiated guys, thanks

02-03-2010, 07:10 AM
sorry but what is T4? I am using HGH 6iu /day and SARM S4 and it seems to work but never heard about T4, is this like testoviron

02-03-2010, 08:23 AM
This is copy and paster from another forum.

"If you’ve been using GH without T4, you’ve been wasting half your money – and if you’ve been using it with T3, you’ve been wasting your time. Start using T4 with your GH, and you’ll finally be getting the full results from your investment."

I cant post the article because im under 25 posts, but i just want to know if anyone has actually used t4 for 6 months straight and bounced back. Or any related info would help. Thanks guys