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03-02-2010, 09:33 PM
Newbie here. Been working out for about 8-10 years. Diet is good . do alot of sports. I'm 35 at 190 lbs. Ive' always wanted to be 200-205 lbs. But all my life its eluded me.Ive tried everything i feel like the GNC guinea pig. Last year I ran a dbol oral only cycle (some think its pointless i know) it worked great. I went from 185 to 198. Great pumps and real good strength. But...as i suspected when cycle ended I went to 190.. so 5 lbs to keep aint bad. Tried antoher dbol only cylce and didnt do as well. Perhap it was underdosed heck how would I know. Maybe I'm tolerant to the stuff or got ripped off. I did the liver protect thing as well. Itchy nipples a bit but no gyno to speak of.
The question is...is it time to inject for me and my goals? I'm not afraid its just that its a big step and my goal is 10-12 lbs for keeps.My legs are stubborn and I hate that their small. Looking huge is awesome but I dont compete and too big would hinder my sports.
Ive read alot of the first cycle threads so got a good idea...but for you veterans..is it worth it for me? or if I dont want to get huge then pinning isnt a good idea? Emotionally I dont have an anger issue and my self esteem is pretty grounded.
Any advice is apreciated, bashing is expected because I'm new... but hey werent we all new once..

I wish everyone good gains and best of health...