View Full Version : Increased Test

03-03-2010, 05:35 PM
As a few of you know... I'm getting HRT at 200mg every 14 days. Ive
Been on it since 1/11. So I got my own supply of Cyp to shoot on the off Mondays to bring it to 200mg every 7 days. I planned on waiting until my next set of labs, but I couldn't wait. So I got my doc's shot on 2/22. I took my own on 2/27 and I'll be getting another from the doc on 3/8. I just wanted to feel my test level up for a few days. Anyway... My libido has been way up. Here's te thing... I trained chest HARD and light tri's on 3/1 and I feel like I've recovered fully already. My chest is normally sore until at least Thursday and Wednesday is typically the most sore day. Does this sound like the test has kicked in? If so... I'm looking forward to my 500mg/wk cycle in about 6 weeks....