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03-13-2010, 08:06 PM
Hello i posted this in another thread got no replys mabye ill get one now.

2 Months on per (week)
of 750mgs of sust
250mgs of d-bol
Then for 3 Months
750mgs of sust
750 of tren acetate(then 1 month and going on half
750mgs of cyp
600mgs of Deca NPP

I think i def need HCG and i was wondering how to do this the bodybuilder who was coaching me and explaining etc was guiding me......but i seem to think he just wanted me to keep buying gear off of him. Because everytime i read max cycle are between 12-16 weeks. Now im a bit worried so any suggestions on PCT and how long should i let my body recoop before next cycle?

I am 21
weight 163

Total gains 33-35lbs of lean ripped muscle.

Iron Dragon
03-13-2010, 09:08 PM
^^^BAsically what I am going to tell you. I see no AI's in there. Get some aromasin as soon as possible and start it at 12.5mg ed. You'll have to adjust your dose from there.

Stop deca two weeks before test
One week after last test cyp shot, start hcg 1000iu ed for 5 days
Start clomid 50mg ed 2 weeks after last test shot for 3 weeks
start aromasin immediately and run through out entire PCT and for 3 weeks past last clomid dose.