View Full Version : 2010 NY Pro "Unofficial" Competitor List

Curt James
04-03-2010, 11:49 AM
This list was cobbled together from message boards. I'm not certain of the deadline for entering, but there should be an official list of competitors released then.

Competitor List?

Dennis Wolf
Hidetada Yamagishi
Aiman Faour
Kevin English
Erik Fankhouser
Marius Dohne
Ben Pakulski
Mike Van Wyk, making his pro debut
Roelly Winklaar
Shawn Rhoden
Paco Bautista
Toney Freeman
Mike Kefalianos
Gustavo Badell
Eugene Mishin
Jeff Long

Anyone hear of other competitors on May 8th?

Curt James
04-03-2010, 04:12 PM

Jose Raymond in the 202 Class.

Shawn Ray said Shawn Roden is out in a thread on MD.

I also edited the post above to include Jeff Long, Eugene Mishin, and Gustavo Badell. I left Shawn Roden in the lineup as, hey, I said it's unofficial. Maybe Shawn Ray heard wrong.