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Make music in the key of G

The G-spot can be the epicenter of a sexual earthquake, but timing is everything. "You really should wait until a woman's already aroused, or maybe has even already had a clitoral orgasm, before you start going for the G-spot," says Cathy Winks, author of The Good Vibrations Guide to the G-spot. "It's not the sort of thing you should just dive in and start poking at." Hit it too early, in fact, and you might end up making her feel like she has to urinate. The best time to pursue it is during oral sex. Lie between her legs and focus your tongue on her sensitive clitoris. Then, when she’s nearing orgasm, slide one or two fingers into her vagina. Your chin will be in the palm of your hand. Don't thrust your fingers—stroke the top surface of her vagina.

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Thanks for the useful information.

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I been doing that & yes it makes them go crazy..