View Full Version : Does Hair Loss Increase with Greater Amounts of Steroids?

01-17-2011, 09:26 AM
Does Hair Loss Increase with Greater Amounts of Steroids?
by Bill ******s

Q: Will my hair loss increase when I take greater amounts of steroids? And if I only experience minor hair loss using large doses of anabolic steroids like winstrol, masteron and tren (steroids known for hair loss), would small doses of AAS known to cause minimal hair loss cause much if any at all?

A: Hypothetically: Some events are more “on/off” than being strongly dosage dependent. In other words, one is past a threshold or one is not, and it may not make much difference how much one is above the threshold.

I lost a substantial amount of hair — not so much receding but rather thinness on top — in my 20s and certainly by the time of starting using anabolic steroids at 36, and I’m not at all convinced that the further loss is necessarily substantially more than it would have been had I not used steroids.

Now, there’s no knowing what “would have” happened.

But I’m quite sure that had someone compared seeing me at those ages and now, they’d find the current condition quite in line with expectations, NOT knowing that I’d used steroids.

So in my case I think my hairloss has been more a matter of natural testosterone already being sufficient to put me past the threshold, and higher yet levels not really doing anything much if at all towards accelerating things further.

However, different people definitely are different in this regard.

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