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03-06-2011, 07:12 PM
I am new to IM .I have been out out this for about 20yrs. I did some aas without any real knowledge as to what i was doing then nor do i now. I Had quit smoking 1yr ago now .Back then my blood pressure was 140/80 2months ago 1 went for pyhsical pressure was 200/100 ther about. I have gotten it back down to 140 to 150 with some med and hitting gym avg 5 days a week. but the med is giving me bad migraines and coughing , so stopped them for now and im still maintaining . I have also been taking N.O , Creatine ,fish oil and CLA as i am tring to lose some fat around the stomach , I am 210 and dont want to lose my size Was 220 1mth ago So any recomendations for keeping size as i am try to burn the fat off. Also i am eat a whole lot better than i ever have. and trying to keep the sodium down But wtf everything seem to have it in it. Now i know i need a lot more knowlege,diet and gym before i decide to try another cycle or maybe thinking of trying hgh now but ever thing i read on it the more it worries me about sides and from all forums iread i never hear anyone talk about the sides happening to them. But all good ihear about them sounds right up my alley fat burn, energy (which i need) strength and heart health . Sorry im all over the place, any help would be greatly appreciated.