View Full Version : First Cycle, make sure i got this right

04-19-2011, 11:04 PM
sup bros, i will be starting a first very soon
im 25y/o 5'8 at 175 lbs, around 12-13% bf or so
some of my exercises have been effected by my torn labrum, oddly enough my squat is very difficult due to my arm holding the bar in that position.
keep note that my labrum is not hurting during workout unless arm is placed in weird position so i feel OK to lift

the cycle
500mg per week, testosterone enanthate for 12 weeks
week 1-12= 500mg test e (split 2x per wk)

week 1-12= exemestane @ 6.25mg per day (one quarter tab, id like to avoid gyno, no gyno history btw)

HCG week 3-12= 250 IU 2x wk ( i have 5 amps of 2000IU each this is more than enough correct?

i also have 300IU hgh of which im not sure when to start, im thinking start it at week 5 and finish a month after pct, to help keep gains, i can get more if need be

pct week 13-16 will include aromasin and clomid, still contemplating doses

i took my time planning this cycle making sure i have everything for every possible situation

i have letrozole, nolva and clomid on hand, and am ready for war, but not expecting it :)
pins are 22g for drawing and 23g for pinning, plus slin pins for hcg

please critique this and comment !
right now im about to prime and set up my diet then im ready to go!

04-22-2011, 03:19 PM
If this is your first cycle keep things really simple. Test E 500mg/wk 12 weeks, rest 3 weeks, PCT Nolvadex (40/20/20/20) Clomid (100/50/50/50) done. Wait for the next cycle. Don't run HGH at your age. You're going to screw up your natural pulses of growth hormones.

04-22-2011, 04:34 PM
^^^ thanks,i figured it would be on with hgh if i pin in the morning but im not definite about it thanks for input bro
im also definitely running aromasin bc if i ran into even the slightest gyno it would kill me because i know it could have been avoided

04-22-2011, 07:04 PM
dont run Nolva ur cycle looks good save the Nolva incase u do start to get gyno
emergency only run the clomi and i have no idea abt the HGH and i dont use HCG but thts just me i never have a problem with shrinkage good luck man .