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04-26-2011, 10:35 AM
Hey guys this is my first time posting and I have a few questions. Im 30 yrs old 5'10" and 240 lbs at 12% bf. Been training for about 15 years with 7 years off and on cycling. I seem to have a lot of trouble recovering from tren and deca (i would guess from the prolactin) but I just went through two hip scopes 2 shoulder scopes and now I am going in for microfracture surgery on my knee in 2 days. Im sick of being in so much pain all the time and have decided to try some deca sust dbol stack a couple days after the surgery. It will look like this:
week 1-3
sust 750/wk (250 eod)
deca 400/wk (200 m/f)
dbol 50mg ed

week 4-10
sust 500/wk (250 m/thurs)
deca 400/wk (200 m/thurs)

week 11-16
sust 500/wk

I will start hcg week 3 @ 250iu 2x/wk until last shot of sust
dostinex .25 e3d throughout cycle and pct
and I have adex on hand

and run clomid for pct

now my questions are:
1) can anyone give me info as to a better way to make sure recovery is smoother bc i take months to recover?
2) how much proviron should I take if I should even take it at all?
3) how long should I run the clomid for pct b4 i should see full recovery?
4) should I just run the adex thru the entire cycle or just if I need it. It seems to dry out my joints a lot and I am in some serious pain when I take it @.5 mgs eod

Oh and all my injuries are mostly from football, maybe its about time to hang up the kleets