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12-06-2002, 07:09 PM
Right now, I'm too young to start on the juice (21), but I'd like to start doing some reading up on it and was looking for a place to start..

So, as far as stacks you've tried, what's been the most effective?

Which are the least dangerous?

And which have the best balance between low side effects and huge gains?

And I'm referring to either one drug, or a few that work particularly well in combination with each other.

12-06-2002, 08:02 PM
Best bet is to read whats already out there, reason is half way no way to answer your questions, half way due to avoiding issues being knowing what one is doing.

Sorry to be lazy :)

There are plenty of message boards with tons of FAQs to read, or even books you can buy if you feel like doing research and paying for it.

Questions like Which are the least dangerous? Its all medicine, you can be on it too long, you can use more than you need to, or you can do it right.

So, its all been answered, and its all out there waiting...

Here are just a couple links with lots of info:


12-06-2002, 08:15 PM
Mudge, you rule this forum!

You wanna reccomend a couple good books too? I'll check out those sites next week after my exams.

12-09-2002, 12:31 AM
Anabolics 2000 was very popular, although some of it was plagurized, some of it innacurate (not much) but is still considered somewhat a standard reference, there is now a 2002 version.

The person who wrote Steroids 101 originally sponsored the author of Anabolics 2000, and claims he owes him a bunch of money, yada yada, and says now how he found out that the info in Anabolics 2000 was plagurized from websites, bah anyway its one of those soap opera he said she said things, either way the data in Anabolics 2000 is still respected wether stolen or not.

Some sites have these in the $39 range and others in the $50-60+ range so definately shop around, well if your a tightwad like me :) , especially considering this is information you can get free from experience and surf time, although perhaps not as quickly you are not probably likely to memorize the book after the first read either.

Other books:

Anabolic Edge 2001, "the book that ties everything together"

WAR 1996, old, one of the original and by now many errors are pointed out

The Stack, examples of stacks and effects of said stack

There are a couple other well know ones out there right now, including some eBooks (downloadable PDFs), if I got any of these I'd start with one of the first two.