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01-10-2003, 06:52 PM
I thought this was great, I would love to have gotten this from w8.:dance:

My Little Pussy

I shave my little pussy,
So the little thing is bare
I thought it should be just like my head
And have a lot less hair

Oh yes, my pussy's hairless
It feels as smooth as silk
And when i get excited
It spurts this stuff like milk.

It feels so good to touch it
I wish that you could see
And take my hairless pussy
Then dive inside of me.

Take me clit between your teeth
And nibble on it please
I'm even willing to help you
By straddling you on my knees

I'd place my hairless pussy
Right atop your lips
And as you start to lick it
I would surely move my hips!

I know you like the thought of this,
My hairless little twat
I know it might sound slutty,
But surely that i'm not.

I'm just a full grown woman
Who has some normal needs
My smoothly shaven pussy
Has lots of them indeed!

It needs some loving licking
And some biting on my clit
I don't even think it'd mind
If you were to f**k it a bit

There are no little curly ones
Left for you to find
Cause my little pussy's hairless
From my front to my behind.

So, you could take me either way
In the front door or the back
What a turn on it would be
To feel your luscious sack.

I think that you should do this
My God, it feels so great!
To feel yourself so smoothly shaved
Is a trip! You shouldn't wait!

Now go and get your razor
And take a little time
To make your pubie hairless
So yours can feel like mine.

Please let me know you've done this
And tell me of every move
Cause just the thought of shaving it
Has me wet in the groove.

I really need some loving
And some animalistic thrusts
I think that if you did this
My c**t would certainly bust.

Then you could spread my juices
Over my smoothly shaven twat
Then my little thing would glisten
My God! It's getting HOT!

So, please take my little pussy
And f**k it any way
I really think it needs it
At least 3 times a day!

01-10-2003, 06:54 PM
To which I would reply!:laugh:

My Pecker

I took a razor and some cream,
Just like the lady said.

She said it would feel good,
from my balls up to my head.

So I rubbed the cream all about,
on my nuts and on my shaft.

I moved the sharp and scary blade,
to my very good close friend.

Moving in slowly in careful moves,
I stroked my curly pubes.

One by one they fell for me,
Careful of my head.

Stroke by stroke across my sack,
and up and down my shaft.

It wasn't long before it was bare.
my manhood was impressed.

I shaved myself at her request,
All smooth and squeeky clean.

Now I rub, shift and squirm.
I am an itchy mess.

01-10-2003, 07:10 PM
Originally posted by mmafiter

Oh yes, my pussy's hairless
It feels as smooth as silk
And when i get excited
It spurts this stuff like milk.

We HAVE a SQUIRTER! Yesssssss! :lol:

Very good, MMA... quite entertaining!! :thumb: