View Full Version : First Cycle, using epi-strong/epistane, need critic of Pre cycle, on cycle, and PCT

09-10-2011, 12:02 PM
Hello, I plan on running my first DS cycle, and I just wanted to make sure I have everything correct before I began.

Pre cycle:

Anabolic innovations cycle support
Universal Animal flex
Himalaya LiverCare(last week of pre cycle)

During Cycle:

Epi-Strong 30/30/30/30
Anabolic innovations cycle support
Universal Animal flex
Himalaya LiverCare
Animal Omega


Nolvadex(liquid form(Tamoxifen Citrate)) 20/20/10/10 (First week will be 40/40/40/20/20/20/20)

Bioforge V3(natty test booster)
Lean xtreme(cortisol control)
Anabolic innovations cycle support
Universal Animal flex
Himalaya LiverCare
Animal Omega


When should i take nolvadex? Before bed? should i take the full days dose at once or should it be spaced out?

Am I missing anything on these? is there too much? too little?

Should I follow PCT up with anything?

My natty test booster can be run for up to 12 weeks, so should i continue to use it after PCT?

I hear Beta-alanine can help during the cycle with something, but what is it? And would you reccomend it?

Thank you for your time.

09-14-2011, 05:34 AM
When I trake nolva, I do it spaced out in a day like 3 servings, then the 3rd week I do 2 and the last week I do 1.

your testosterone is usually highest in mornings so I would do it either mid day or late at night if you are only taking one serving.

cortisol control: take 3-4 g of vitamin C. remember, vitamin C assists the body in inflammation and healing, cortisol is released when tehre is inflammation in teh body to create cortisone. So consider the vit c, I take it all the time, on or off 3-4 g a day.

I tried the himalaya stuff, it is ok, I take like 4 a day split up 2 pills each time.. it is more of a maintenance product from waht otehrs have told me than a liver protecting product. if you are using a cycle support, why the need for additional liver support? doesnt the product have liver support in it?

I ahve been told that with epi, the threashhold amount is in the 50 mg /day range wehre the substantial benefits are greatest right before sides start to become more evident. consider going 30/30/40/50 OR some pyramid. As your body fights for balance and gets used to what you are taking, pyramiding helps in keeping the body imbalanced and more anabolic.

the test booster can be run whenever you want since it justs helps your own body maintain it's own test productioni. some people say it is a waste of money to do on cycle, others say they are worthless, and still otehrs say just pct. My opinion is take it thruout since it might assist in shut down prevention.

Beta alanine is in pre workout drinks, if you take one, then it probably has it, it helps in the issue of lactic acid buildup wehre your mind gives up before your muscles since you have to fight thru the burn, with beta alanine the muscle works til it fails. Lactic acid in the blood stream is a signalor for GH to be released even tho beta alanine buffers at the elvel of the muscle (it is the H+ portion of the lactic acid that causes burn, thus when you buffer, you are neutralizing the H+)... creatine the same, it is in pre workout drinks. Unless you are going for major bulking and power, I dont know if max creatine supplementation is needed necessarily.

DRINK a sufficient amount of water. Epi is a body recomp product, it dries you out and makes you harder. I am partial to it since I have used it successfully twice and loved the results, once alone, once stacked with 2 other products.

09-14-2011, 10:38 PM
Looks good. You'll love stane. I've used it with great success. If you like Flex might I suggest taking Animal Stak to aid your PCT. I never PCT without it and it has helped me out alot and seems to help me retain my hard-earned muscle. Plus it kills a flock of birds with one stone...Liver detoxifiers, DHT blockers, natty aromatase inhibitors, test boosters and cortisol inhibitors.

As for the nolva, I've only ever dosed it once a day, first thing in the morning. I imagine spacing the dose out 2-3 times a day like carmine suggested in equivalent amounts would be more beneficial and would probably keep your blood levels more consistent especially at night.