View Full Version : Tip of the day March 3, 2003

03-03-2003, 08:44 AM
PROBLEM: Her orgasms roughly coincide with congressional elections.

Her orgasms don't just make her feel good; they're a marker of your success as a sex machine. The fewer she has, the wimpier you feel.

SOLUTION: Distract her. The top cause of orgasmic difficulty in women is that they're thinking about it too much, says Mark Elliott, Ph.D., a sex therapist. If you can keep her mind on other things, you increase the chances that her quakes will be picked up by the geology department at the local U. Try "69," kiss her passionately while having intercourse, encourage her to tell you about her fantasies as she gets more and more aroused--anything to keep her from focusing on why she's not having an orgasm. If that fails, tell her about this position: While she's on top, she should push her left leg forward so it slides slightly toward your head (her knees stay bent) and gently slide her right leg toward your feet. Every few thrusts, she should alternate positions. The pelvic pressure this position creates--and the rotation around your penis--is pretty damn orgasmic. If she asks where you heard about it, do what we do: Say you read it in a magazine.