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03-19-2012, 06:05 PM
Started Day 1 today
Age 25
Weight 192
Height 5`7
BF% 18
History Weight Training, 3 years

Other notes.

in 2005 was morbidly obease, lost 100lbs in one year through extreme dieting no supplements. (2006)
2007-2008 became a intravenous heroin user (bad times) got clean january 1st 2009...started weight training and taking care of my body since then.
Now its onto bigger and better things.

My goals.....What everybody wants PUTTING ON AS MUCH MASS AND LOSING AS MUCH BF as possible...

Nutrition: 4500 CAL a day 400 g of protien give or take 30g each day.
Multi Vitamins
Nitro Support
BCAA and Glutamine
Fish Oil

weeks 1-5
Adex .25 e.d.
hcg 300iu (twice weekly)
TEST C, 300mg (twice weekly)

Weeks 6-8
Adex .25/50mcg e.d.
T3 25mcg e.d.
Anavar 100mg ed
hcg 300iu (twice weekly)
TEST C 350(twice weekly)

Weeks 9-10
Adex .25 e.d.
t3 50mcg
Anavar 100mg ed.
hcg 300iu (twice weekly)
TEST C 400 (twice weekly

PCT week 1-2
Vitamin C 3000mg e.d.
HCG 500iu e.o.d.
Aromasin 25mg e.d.

pct week 3-5
aromasin 12.5mg e.d.
colmid 50mg twice e.d.
aromasin 10mg e.d.

Nolva on hand incase of gyno

open to suggestions and comments....i wanted to start off with a prop kicker but unfortunately cannot :(

Also im naturally very prone to bloating...you can see it in my face if i eat alot of simple carbs for two days...so i can only imagine the moon face and bloating i might experience, hopefully the aromasin.adex will help.