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03-20-2012, 04:38 AM
42919429204292142922HRT is great man I love it I get 500MG a week of Test cyp and deca the only thing that sucks it is limited on what you can get. for instance you can only get a three month supply of test so that works out to three bottles of test and two bottles of deca. the funny thing is you can order as much HGH as you want. It took a long time for this thread to come out man I started using the HRT world when I saw the documentary Bigger stronger faster! I have used a few different places all have been internet sites, then I started working for one. I guess the only thing that suck is they will not accept insurance and you have to be 30 or over to get in as well its limited on what products they have. although one pharmacy got busted last year for selling some products that really are not therapy witch really hurt the industry like A-boom 50 lol. Before you could order a year supply of test and they had winny and anavar as well. now only three months at a time and the winny and anavar was taken off the shelves.

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500mg is not considered trt in the medical community but a lot of clinics are much more generous with dosage. What's your entire protocol at the present?

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Your doc just gave you a cycle and not TRT....congrats on that! :thumb:

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lol no i work there but i also have a few clients that get the same as i do.c:dont:

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500mg is not considered trt in the medical community but a lot of clinics are much more generous with dosage. What's your entire protocol at the present?

right now just stocking up i just finished college "trade school" i will start next week just waiting on some other things going to run 12 weeks of test cyp 800mg and 400mg of deca with a little tren A 300mg. along with B-12 Complex and Anastrozole 1mg ed.

03-20-2012, 12:19 PM
500mg ew is NOT HRT , but LUCKY YOU!!! lol
enjoy that shit man!

03-20-2012, 12:50 PM
Supperfly What do you do there ?

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Nice. Let us know if they get anymore job openings!

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Im with him! ^^^^^^^

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Dude that's fucking awesome! It's not TRT, but awesome nonetheless...

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sounds like a plan , shall we get our resume:coffee: ready

big jay 2424
03-21-2012, 03:38 PM
hey supperfly1977 how does a 52 yr old man get in

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Subbed for sure.

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big Jay PM me

I am not here trying to make sales guys I stay really busy with this job already. Also I don't want to be breaking any rules or anything on this board, hands down this is the best place for info and everyone here has a lot of knowledge. but I am always down to help someone out you can never be too careful these days. I have used a lot HRT clinics that had nothing but bunk stuff, or that are their one month and gone the next month. Also ones that charge like their stuff is gold or something, I think most of us have been around enough to know what is good or not. I am willing to give anyone info on what I know just pm me.

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superfly1977 hey bro I sent you a pm hope you got