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04-11-2012, 01:33 PM
On my last blood work my test levels were 154ng/dl(im 28) Woot woot(jk) so im obviously going to talk to my doc about trt... I figured this was going to happen... no big deal to me. Im curious as to what kind of obstacles people have ran into when trying to get trt from the doc. i know with testosterone levels like that I will definatley have to go on something. I just dont know what and would prefer an injectable. :daydream:

Any one ever had an issue with getting trt cause they had cycled in the past?

you guys run into a lot of stingy docs that dont want to give you testosterone?

how many alternate things did they make you try before giving you what you need?

I am at work so wont be able to jump on again till later. Thanks to any one that replys.