View Full Version : Young on trt and kinda iffy..opinions needed and what to do?

04-17-2012, 11:50 PM
Alright, I'm 26 years old and been on trt for 8 months. First by a general practioner i was prescribed 1x shot a month of 200 mg cyp. However, i went to go see a urologist and he prescribed it EOW same, 200 mg. Let me rewind real quick, my first blood test revealed I had 131 test, really low...although I did not feel low. So that's what lead to it, followed by a good pit. gland. I wasn't seeing profound effects...i felt okay for maybe 3 days...then like i never took anything. In fact, i think anxiety increased a little. Anyway, my gym numbers went up a lil..so it had a win win effect, but a crappy effect. Needless to say I went to an endo who thought 350 was normal range...350 at 26? She also was a betch! Basically stating i shoulda came to my appt earlier, when i was her first and on time, her office wasn't ready to open. So I dropped that one. Okay flash forward....I have had 4 blood tests. As follows are my numbers:

Test 1:
131( June 2011 )

Test 2
712( a little after injection )

Test 3
208( before inj. )

Test 4

1010( early morning...one week after shot )

- So as yopu can see my test levels are bouncing up and down. Now the times of the tests taken are different as you can see. So right now again, I am on 200mg EOW. However, today seen another endo, and was trying to tell him I was fine w/ 200 mg..no sides. However, I thought once a week was smarter, I brought up half life etc....He like the other endo said 350 is normal range...again i was thinking am I the only one getting this, or am I off. 350 for a 26 year old? Also, he elluded to that test can cause prostate C and do liver damage in years time....I knocked down the gels quick, as from my 8 months new he'd go there. I'm not gunna lie, I want to have a great mood, feel great...but also have minor benefits in the gym lol. So, idk what to say. This endo wants to do further testing, my uro still gives me injections- Ya i gotta travel 20 mins, wait another 20..to get a shot in the arse.- Anyway, what should I say or do? Is this standard 2x per month? 200mg? idk wtf. I could get it 100mg every week prob, but idk if 100 would be to low. Opinions..thanks. Oh yeah..endo said i could get off and it would take 6-7 months to get back....srry..I already started mr.endo. He also stated it could stop me from having children and cause a possible stroke at 200mg per week if body didn't need it. So idk. Ya kinda feel pigeon holded.... maybe just stick w/ 200 EOW? Srry for the length.

04-18-2012, 01:02 AM
131 is real low, 350 is good if your 80 lol. not sure what range you should be in @ 26, prob some where in the 800's thats just a guess. as far as doseing goes, twice a week is ideal, good luck finding a doc that will pin ya twice a week.

1 find a doc that will write you a script. some guys are lucky, im not one of um
2 find a trt doc on the internet. as long as your blood work looks good they will give you a script to there pharmacy but its a little costly
3 you can do a little research and use one of the fine sponsors on this board and self medicate like im sure alot of the guys do here
4 you can continue on the roller coaster ride your doc has you on now and feel like crap half the time

as far as doseing goes, you have to find your sweet spot. 100mg a week is not a bad place to start. just make sure you pin twice a week, lets say 50mg mon then 50mg thurs, thats if your doing test e or test c, if your doing test p then you have to break the 100mg down into eod injections for the week. i personaly pin 75mg twice a week of test c. you might also need an Ai and maybe some hcg, some people are fine on low doses of test and wont need um but if you find yourself crawled up in ball crying like a little girl with nuts the size of peas then you should use an Ai and hcg lol. im no expert on trt,this is just my 2 cents hope it helped you out some

04-18-2012, 06:23 AM
100 mg per week should make U feel better and get U off the rollercoaster. U possibly may see a little improvement in gym, but dont expect a miracle.