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09-03-2012, 04:48 PM
:hmmm::hmmm:hey New to this site.. I have been on test cyp for a year, I'm prescribed 4ml 200mg/ml once every three weeks due to low T... I have done a few cycles in the past but not in about two years, I started ordering some gear for a friend and decided since I already had the test that I would run some Tren Acet with, which I have done before in the past and got amazing results, but long story short my doc was only checking my low serum test levels every 6 months and she moved and gave me to one of her colleagues which I recently had to meet and she start asking all these question wich my other doc never did like if I had ever done steroids and if I had always been built:nail:, just questions like that then she orders all these different blood test some I know are for stuff like liver, cholesterol, etc. I was just wondering if I did 14 shot out of a 25ml of Tren Acet and took my last shot the third week of June and the half life is 3 days but detection time is 4 to 5 month when can I be sure it wont be detected in blood test???:geewhiz: My gear is British Dragon and I order straight from source so quality is no QUESTION...:ohyeah: The blood test consist of;CBC Automated, CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel), Lipid Panel Fasting,TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), Testosterone Level Total, Vitamin B12 Level... The B12 is for my fatigue I'm still having which is what I went to the doc for when I found out about the low T.. I also know that the Tren Acet is a Test inhibitor, so should I increase my Test until the Tren is out of my system or does the effects go away after the half life is up????:thinking::thinking: :help::help: