View Full Version : Opinions on BW Test Values??

09-23-2012, 06:31 AM
Ok just going over some bloodwork I had done. It shows I have a total testosterone of 408 ng/dL and FREE testosterone shows to be 56.3 pg/mL. For free testosterone percent it shows I am "out of range" at 1.38 %. This lab work was performed by Quest Diagnostics if that makes any difference. Oh, and if it helps, I am 32 years old. Unfortunately it looks like the doctor didn't order for estrogen to be checked in this panel. Anyhow, was looking for opinions from folks who are knowledgeable about this stuff. It seems like it was foreign language to my doc but he proceeded to tell me everything looked "ok". Since the results show the ranges to be 250-1100 ng/dL for total test and 35-155 pg/mL for free test, I appear to be at the low end of the spectrum but am wondering if its low enough to be concerned with or if this might be what is causing my issues with feeling tired more often than not and tending to be a bit moody (wife has taken notice of that one) along with a few other things. So what are your thoughts, are these numbers good/bad/ugly for my age? Thanks in advance.