View Full Version : Hrt and high DHT levels --- problem?

12-31-2013, 01:23 PM
Why is it that when doing only 100 mgs a week of test enanthate causes dht levels to rise over 100?
Normal dht range through Quest is 30-79 .
On day 7 after injection, total T is 501 , free T is 110 and DHT is 105. Estradiol is 26.
psa is .7

when my natural T is 350, my DHT is only 35. What is it about injections that cause DHT to raise so much relative to Total T?

since total T is 501 on day 7, i would imagine its above 900 on day 2 while DHT would also be alot higher.
On paper this seems good, but i am concerned with dht being this high. I guess the higher the free T, the higher the dht ? On a possitive note, my estradiol is a very good number.
guys doing 200 mgs per week must have sky high DHT levels, doesnt that cause the prostate to grow and cause hair loss? I would think alot of body builders in their 40's have enlarged prostates?

01-02-2014, 09:41 PM
It's genetic. I dont have this issue even on high doses of anabolics. Im a bodybuilder in my 40s full head of hair psa lower than .7 and no prostate problems and most times I dont even take stuff to control estrogen.