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10-13-2014, 02:29 AM
Hi guys,

I post from time to time on other TRT topics, but I didn't feel like hijacking someone's thread and bumping up an old post from years ago. So I will just jump right into it. I started TRT about 3 1/2 years ago, at 26. I started 1x a month, then was on EOW for a long time( Yes drive to the office etc ). I was on 200mg. However, I noticed that my PCP nor a URO was checking all my panels( LH, FSH, RBC, Estradiol ) they were more concerned about being in normal range, Total T and free T. I had some test SHBG. I went to an endo( was my third one ), and I pointed out that my left pec was bigger than my right. Now, I did have a shoulder injury to the right, but found it odd bc I am right hand dominate. Then I asked about E2, however, I already was testing myself. So I forked over my blood work, and immediately was ordered for testing of gyno this was about 16 months ago. Now this was sad bc I just asked can them if they could check it out....noone ever bothered, just even on a physical exam. My E2 was not high. However, since I documented it, they now had to check into it. So that is the type of care I have been getting( Hence why I told the story ). Now, I see a PCP that did 100mg EW, and now bumped it to 150mg a week. However, my left pec is still bigger than the right. My shoulder injury has been ok for the last year lol. After my 150mg inject...I waited 3 weeks( 3 injections ) and tested myself. My CBC was good. I noticed something, my test was a solid 1100...however, E2 66. Now understand because of negative feedback loop AKA injecting test, your anterior pit. gland goes," Hey we have enough up here, so let's stop it down there." Hence for the last few years my LH and FSH are .1 an .2- LOW. This would also concur with testicular atrophy. Yet no one treats the sides of TRT. What where my labs like normally on say 200mg EOW-to hard to answer, none were consistent, but typical 300-700 at peak. 100mg a week typically 400-600, more consistent, but more on the low 500 to mid 450 side. I gave you my 150mg a week.

My qs: I know HCG is needed( see my age, now 29 heading into 30 ), I have yet to have kids, not married, and have testicular atrophy.
A.I- This is the one that gets me a little. Arimadex( generic name ) is an A.I. However, I see people complain of back pain, muscle stiffness, and outstanding sides w it's use. Also, being on TRT and not Abusing Test( Cycle ) and then using an A.I for PCT- as there is no PCT-, would this be ok for arimadex or is something like Clomid better for someone who are going to take it yearly, as opposed to just when coming off cycle? I am assuming people who cycle, don't complain of such harsh sides because they are not on it all year??? I am speaking from a TRT point of view. I will say I never have cycled and I am a little ignorant in this area.

Sorry if this is long, but if your going to help, I presume you need a little history, understand what I am dealing with, and my age, and concerns. It is great that it took me 3 years to finally find a doc who does 1x a week, and at 150mg a week. However, when it came to A.I, HCG, etc...that is where the door shuts. I even wrote the Cleveland Clinic, on their site they list atrophy as uncommon, yet in an email( I can post it )...they say common, and that HCG does stimulate FSH- in that same breathe, they do not use it with TRT....WTF! So guys need the advise, and is that E2 way to high for 1100- never really got there before lol- Done writing:clapping:

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Hey OF, what is an AI?

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Aromatase inhibitor

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