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11-15-2016, 03:46 PM
Hello to everyone on this forum.

I want to first introduce the brand, than I will post a second thread with details on our upcoming promotions and how we handle orders and business.

DutchPharma is a known laboratory that has been in the game since 15 Years in Europe. DutchPharma produces in Netherlands, where the production is legal. We do sell in the entire Europe, and for those who fallow the European market, we distribute the brands Golden Gear, Mutant Gear, and handle productions for local gear in Netherlands.
We do now have in Europe a very good reputation, and the quality of our gear is known and appreciated in the professional bodybuilding circuit (we made it all the way to Olympia IFBB, where one of the athlete is sponsored by our lab).
I will let you discover our gear and the quality.

Now we do want to develop our branding on the USA market, as we have the tools and the knowledge to enter the biggest market in the world.
We do work with extreme safety mesures, and we rather refuse business than work on a very high turnover and multiply risks.
So our policy is to develop a close relation with every buyer, to offer the best service, and deliver our gear in a safe, professional way.
Details on the next thread will explain how we will collaborate with each one of the buyers.

I want again to thank the forum administrators for the opportunity of being a banner here, and I am here for every one of you if you want to chat or have questions about our business,


11-19-2016, 04:40 AM
I would like a list ASAP thanks ordering VERY soon so maybe with you

11-21-2016, 11:15 PM
I would like a list ASAP thanks ordering VERY soon so maybe with you

Did you get the list by email ? You can send me an email anytime, I am working around the clock right now to serve all the new clients,