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11-23-2016, 09:03 AM
Now, ive actually had for 5 days now so pretty good shipping. Wasnt late at least considering the distance it covered.
Excellent packaging, very discrete.

As you can tell from my vials, i immediately started my cycle, LOL, and oh my lord!
No wonder the H-AS guys are always urging us to review or give our opinions on quality! Haha! I started 5 days ago
and loaded a little heavier 1st week to get things going as quick as possible and the results im seeing in only 5 days are insane!
Sorry but im not even going to go to my doc for test, not anytime soon anyways. I KNOW this stuff is proper and potent AF!
From last Sat. to today my strength seems to have shot through the roof. I jst wanted a cycle to get my gains and strength up quicker for beginning motivation
since i just recently started training again. About 2-3 months ago and i have been on a medication the past 5-6 years that lowered my Test levels to only 20% of what they should be
for a 26 year old man as myself.

Im 6'3"/194lbs/16%-17% BF and last week my squat was just embarassing. I was stabbed with a steak knife on my inner right thigh through muscle to the bone about 4 deep so ive been very weak in the legs now that its finally healed 100%. I think my last set was 150lbs x 8 and was so intimidating feeling that
I didnt even try to go up to 180. Well, just last night was leg day for me again, i squatted 185 x 9 on my final set. LOLLLL!
This was similar for every exercise i did! From the 1st set to the 3rd or 4th set on each exercise i felt stronger and stronger instead of weaker and weaker like normal. I repped out my
last set of leg extensions more explosively and x9 instead of 7-8 on my first 3.

Unbelievable quality guys! If you keep this kind of quality in your service, communication and product, i will be long-term customer of yours indefinitely.
As for any of you reading through these forums and threads trying to decide on whether or not to place your order, just do it! You will NOT regret it!
This is my very 1st cycle ever and i am extremely happy with the results so far.

P.S. Sorry if my image doesnt work properly. Ill try to fix it if it doesnt.
Can I not upload image straight from my PC?