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11-24-2016, 11:34 AM
Hello guys, I want to post a thread about Bitcoins.

First of all, because I have a lot of questions about bitcoins, and secondly I realize that there is still a lot of people that are misinformed, or unaware of the simplicity of the bitcoin system and advantages.
I will start comparing Western Union/Money Gram with Bitcoins. And than I will explain in details how to proceed to a bitcoin transaction.

This is some lecture for you, but again, feel free to email me anytime for any questions over bitcoins or other subjects : dutchpharma@protonmail.com

I do bitcoin transaction everyday since 3 years, so I can help you as I can, and give you very convenient ways to proceed to bitcoins transactions.

Bitcoins transaction are less expensive, faster, less time consuming, no trace of transaction, uncontrolled by the government or authorities, and totally anonymous.

11-24-2016, 11:35 AM
Now I will first start talking about the old ways : Western Union and Money Gram

Western Union/Money Gram is the worst thing that you can do for yourself.
I get it, it is old school, you have your habits, and you just write down pieces of informations on a paper and hand it to some fat lady that will than give you your tracking code
But, most of you haven?t been behind the scenes, I am telling you about the investigations scenes. In 2005, a distribution group in Holland that had over 3000 clients, all paying WU/MG. They had like 25 different collecting agents, all of them would be different guys, unlinked, from different places. But guess what, they could connect everybody, clients and distributors thanks to Western Union. You know why? Because basically you give your information to the system, that has a complex algorithm that can just link any type of criminal activity or money laundering. Especially if you are multiplying your orders, and you can send your girlfriend Pal, they will come to you.
So why the fuck, in this world, where we have other possibilities, would you stick on your old ways?

I know the first step to bitcoin is always hard, but just try it, even for $50. You have nothing to lose.

And you know what? I guarantee you that once you?ve made your first bitcoin transaction, you?ll just want to punch yourself in the face for not using it before.

So why Western Union/Money Gram is dead in summary:
Western Union:

Put your face on a camera (publix, or any place you go)
Put your ID and personal information in a national anti fraud system
Pay extraordinary fees (up to 10-12%)
Have an argument with the fat employee at the desk
Create a link with a system that can trace any criminal transactions origins and destinations
Give yourself to the government, openly
Create drama with your wife/girlfriend (if you send her to do the transaction)

11-24-2016, 11:36 AM
Now Why would you buy Bitcoins you tell me?

Well first of all, if I tell you there is a currency in this world that has no government control, that is totally independant, that can be transferred anywhere in the world in minutes would you use it?

No? Maybe not to buy your groceries I can understand this.
But for buying your steroids online? Where, you know that, it is still a crime. So you are committing a crime, and you don?t want to protect yourself.
OK, I am fine with this, but stay out of my range. Because I rather do my business in a clean and professional way.

Now, to get back to bitcoins, Buying bitcoins is totally legal. Once you have the bitcoins in your wallet, you can send it to whoever you want, and the government cannot trace any of your transactions.
So, there is 2 parts in paying by bitcoins : the first part is acquiring the bitcoins, and the second part is transferring the bitcoins from your wallet to another wallet.

* The first part consist of exchanging dollars against bitcoins, takes a few min.
* And the second part is just transferring your bitcoins from your wallet to the vendor?s wallet (Dutchpharma if you are ordering with us), takes one click.

Below, is detailed way to operate those bitcoins transactions. I have other ways too, that I can explain to you by email, as here, it is an open forum, I don?t want to expand my techniques.

11-24-2016, 11:37 AM
https://localbitcoins.com (https://localbitcoins.com/).
This website provides you with a guarantied and secured way of trading Dollars against bitcoins.
You can create an anonymous account on this website.
They provide you with a list of traders, that are either local traders or national traders.
Different ways of trading, exchanging Dollars against bitcoins are proposed. (cash, western union, bank transfers, itunes cards, prepaid cards, etc?.)
I usually go for a Cash Deposit in a bank for small amounts (easy and instant)

* Go on the website, create an account (2min)
* connect yourself in trading hours (usually business hours 9am-5pm)
* Select cash deposit
* You will have a list of online suppliers that accept national cash deposit in the bank of your choice:
* Let's say you select Bank Of America for convenience (they have other choices of bank)
* Send a PM to the online trader that is available
* He will send you the bank informations
* Go to the local branch (bank of america)
* Deposit the required amount
* Once it is done, you connect immediately with the trader, sending him the confirmation of the transaction (transaction number, or proof of deposit), usually by text message.
* In about 10 min, your bitcoin wallet will have the bitcoin amount available.
* Once you have those bitcoins, you need to send them to our wallet.
* You simply copy - paste the bitcoin address that I will provide you, and you send the amount of bitcoins that is equal to your order, with a note (usually your name on the forum)
* about 5 min later, I will receive the bitcoins in my wallet

Total energy deployed : 50 cal. One walk to the bank, and 10 min behind a computer.


Here is the link for paying bitcoins with circle Pay:
https://support.circle.com/hc/en-us/...tcoin-Network- (https://support.circle.com/hc/en-us/articles/213560743--Sending-Money-using-the-Bitcoin-Network-)

You can follow those steps, easy to set up. With a debit card or bank account you can send bitcoins to our wallet in a few min. This solution is convenient for small orders. So just registering an account takes 5 min, and you can either link a debit/credit card or a bank account to your account. From your account, you can send instantly bitcoins to any bitcoin wallet in the world.

Total energy spent : 30 CAL. one app download on your smartphone, 10 min of set up and 2 clicks to send money.