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02-04-2020, 07:01 AM
Many of you know of Star. He is my main man and head rep Stardutchpharma@protonmail.com

I have him monitor the boards and help guys. He is a competitor and contest prep coach and uses all Dutchpharma gear. He recently did a quick 8 week diet to get ready for a photo shoot and used very low doses to see how far just training and nutrition could take him.

He used: 160mg of test (trt) throughout the entire 8 weeks.
4 weeks in he added 400mg of Dutch Mast E.
Last 10 days he added 50mg of Dutch Tren A EOD
And the last 5 days only he added 50mg of Dutch Winny Inject ED.
He did not drop water or manipulate sodium but only depleted carbs two days prior and carbed up with 450g of cho day of with sodium.

If you want these results he can help. Contact him. He will lay out a plan for you in terms of nutrition and gear so long as you go through him at Stardutchpharma@protonmail.com