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09-06-2020, 04:01 PM
Any feed back on these guys!??
anyone ordered from them?
Been out of the game a bit and just need a fair and trustworthy bloak!!??
Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

09-07-2020, 05:02 AM

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09-08-2020, 02:23 PM
If 5 was meant for me you lost me. If not, my bad

09-10-2020, 12:47 PM
I cant say much about quality yet, as I'm new on board, but they're communication has been great. For what it's worth, I was pretty regular on some forums about 3-4 yrs ago before I went pro, and I remember seeing them. I remember seeing many sponsors die out long before they made it a few years old. I'm hoping that means they've been doing something right. Hopefully I can actually speak on quality soon enough.

09-10-2020, 12:51 PM
The janoshik results are always nice too. I had trouble finding reviews too but they have a bunch on their website.

10-09-2020, 05:28 AM
I freaking love jpal. All of their stuff seems on point. Im currently on a cruise and have not done a blast cycle yet. Their PWO injectable superdrol/tren base is stellar.

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10-09-2020, 06:36 AM
Yes I have two current threads running on ASF regarding their Sustanon and their anavar.

Both products have shown to be great to date.

10-18-2020, 12:10 AM
I personally love getting packs from jpal. I cant wait to jpal only cycle lol

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10-18-2020, 09:33 AM
I have a few friends running jpal var and I can notice a difference after about a month on now. 2 are running var only cycles (they dont like to use anything else) and I've seen them increase strength on most compound lifts, they look bigger without gaining much if any weight (prolly gained 5lbs muscle and lost 5lbs fat type of thing).
I also had a few friends run jpal sust. They were already on test (a brand we've ran for a few years that I can no longer get) and switched over without any difference. I wish I had a chance to run a bottle myself but they sold out quick after covid.
Overall, jpal has been great this far. I'll definitely be getting some more goodies from them in the future

11-17-2020, 11:11 PM
amen thats what I'm picking up next a bunch of var 50's

02-12-2021, 01:19 PM
had a few orders now within EU with them, very happy with stealth, quality and comunication

06-07-2021, 11:25 AM
My first shipment from JP just landed, ordered last Thursday and it arrived first thing this morning (Monday 6/7). I’m impressed with the shipping times and packaging, can’t speak on the quality/potency yet though

09-09-2021, 07:17 PM
i ordered from them and they get back to you right away. I had no issues