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09-10-2020, 06:46 AM
If you are in the game there is no reason you are not running bloods often. From genetics to how we live our lives, the TRT and cycles we run will effect?*our bodies in many different ways.?*

Most of us wait until we feel like shit or have a symptom to run bloods. What if we were ahead of the curve and focused on health and prevention!? Maybe we would be able to find what compounds work for us, which ones really don’t, doses which hit our individualized sweet spots as well as how to support ourselves as needed when labs show we need support.

Most of you work with MDs and most of your MDs have no clue you run AS. So getting?*labs usually is done out of pocket.?*

If you are on TRT, you can of course use your Md. But if you are out of pocket, in the beginning stages you should be running full labs every 3 months until you dial in your physiological dose. From there I would say test and e2 labs every 6 months and a full panel 1-2x a year to be safe.

For newbies, I highly recommend a full panel prior to cycle including test and sensitive estrogen. Then mid cycle run testosterone and estrogen again to get an idea of how your body is responding. Repeat a full panel after PCT to get a glimpse of how your body responded and recovered. This is a learning experience and give you a ton of insight, plus eliminate the guessing game of “do I?*need an AI, caber etc”....AND prevent you from diagnosing based on symptoms.

For those of us that BLAST AND CRUISE, I am a fan of running a full panel at least 1-2x a year to see what’s up. Then as needed during the year adding things that you feel necessary (estrogen, prolactin, Free Test, Liver panel etc) to?*assure you eliminate the guessing game and symptom based diagnosing.

Of course there is more. Fee free to add any tips below.

Here is a list of a few online labs that are very affordable easy to use.

Don’t be lazy! If you can’t afford labs then you shouldn’t be using AS.?*





If you have questions or need a list hit up Red Bird at redsxript@ctemplar.com