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09-17-2020, 07:43 AM

This is another app that is free. Signing up is simple in order to create your wallet. I recommend you using a free encrypted email (sticky is above in subforum). But that’s up to you.

BTC used to be hard to use. It was hard, confusing and scared away most. Then came cash app and everyone used it to buy and send to a wallet. But cash app missed the 8-ball on this because for most their verification process sucks!

As I have mentioned many times there are many ways to buy and send BTC (check sticky post in subforum). You can do cash app to a wallet, BTC ATM, buy using BTC apps (coin flip etc) and send to a wallet.?*

Now you have secure top notch wallets where you?*can buy BTC in the wallet using a CC or Apple Pay, store it in the wallet and send when needed.

Binance is another app (besides Exodus) where you can do just that. It’s a trading app so it might look complex inside, just ignore that piece. Set up and register your wallet, it’s easy! Make sure you save your username and password somewhere safe.?*

Once you are in you can go through 1-2 last verification steps so you can buy BTC with a CC right in that wallet app.?*

Once in go to your homepage in the app and click on this yellow box. See you in the BTCsphere.


If you have any questions or want an list, email RED BIRD at redsxript@ctemplar.com.