View Full Version : The easiest BTC wallet ever made!

10-15-2020, 02:53 PM

All right guys. I have done the research and been using BTC for years. It used to be so complicated and unreachable. But NOW in 2020 it is not.

First off, we have many stickied posts on BTC so always check those outta first and read through them. The more educated you are, the easier BTC becomes. SXRIPT prefers BTC and is moving 100% to BTC in the future. So it’s time to enter the BTC-sphere....

I have given the options many times to use BTC. The first step is to always set up an encrypted email through proton mail, tutuanota, etc. (see stickied post).

The easiest and most effect way is using a BTC ATM. But for a lot of people finding a BTC ATM is not possible. There are many apps where you can buy BTC and send to a wallet but for some reason that creates confusion.

In comes EXODUS!!!!

This is a wallet app and has taken BTC to the next level.

Downlaod the app. It is free.

Verify the app so you can use CC, etc. It is super easy, trust me.

You can actually buy BTC right in this wallet app! Seriously, that easy and when you do, type in the dollar amount and it will convert it for you. No confusion or needing to really understand BTC.

Then once you have BTC, you can donate to any address that is given to you using the dollar amount.

Cant get much easier!

With this wallet app EVERYONE should be using BTC.

See you in the BTC-sphere....