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Platinum Pharma
11-08-2020, 04:04 AM
We support customers, send products to the lab, test product.

Everything you spend will be converted to store credit! (forward payment record and email text to us to confirm consumption amount)

We'll give you an extra $50 store credit. (because sending products to the lab takes up your time,so you need to get some prizes)

We will not advise you where to send the product for testing, it is your choice and decision.

In the end, we need to get a complete set of test results.

Product hplc lab test results, direct link to Jano Lab Testing, no PS.

Hgh Angtropin 10iu/bottle 100iu/kits

Test e 300
https://janoshik.com/tests/8789-AAS_...2_P7H9JQMV1L5J (https://janoshik.com/tests/8789-AAS_oil_%22TE%22_P7H9JQMV1L5J)

Sustanon 250
https://janoshik.com/tests/8788-AAS_...2_KYV93LZXU8II (https://janoshik.com/tests/8788-AAS_oil_%22SU%22_KYV93LZXU8II)

TREN 100 mix
https://janoshik.com/tests/8787-AAS_...2_Z4D3EJ7UKLMS (https://janoshik.com/tests/8787-AAS_oil_%22TRE%22_Z4D3EJ7UKLMS)