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Platinum Pharma
12-06-2020, 04:12 PM

Dianabol is one of the most common performance enhancing drugs on the market, in pill form that is. But what about using it as an injection? Though it isnít as common a method, it is out there as an option. Compared side by side, they may not seem that different, however slight distinctions between the two can mean a whole lot to an athlete who has specific preferences for how he or she builds muscle. Injectable Dbol is just methandrostenolone suspended in oil. However, this doesnít change what the drug does. Injectable Dbol yields pretty much the same results as oral Dbol. Both are C17aa alkylated, which means that they pass through the liver without being destroyed, they produce testosterone, and they aromatize, or convert testosterone to estrogen. Bottom line: they both result in incredibly quick muscle growth and increase in strength. Just like with the tablet, you have to supplement injectable Dbol with a proper diet and training program if you want to see the best and safest results.

There are a few differences between injectable and tablet Dianabol. It is pretty uncommon to find Dbol pills on the market that has been tampered with in any way. Methandrostenolone powder is pretty cheap and profits are good enough without having to mess with the dosage.
This isnít always the case with injectable Dbol. Itís much more likely to buy under-dosed injectable Dianabol. This can easily be avoided by doing your research about providers beforehand. Both the tablet and the injection should be taken every day during the cycle. This becomes more of a preference for the athlete as to if they mind taking an injection every day as opposed to simply swallowing a tablet.

?Both forms of the drug can be toxic to the liver, especially with over-usage; however, injectable dbol seems to be a bit less toxic. It can, however, be more toxic to the kidneys. Because Dbol increases glycogen breakdown, the body increases protein breakdown to compensate. All those excess amino acids have to get out of the body somehow, and that somehow is through your kidneys, which can cause problems. The injection is going right into the muscles making it work a bit faster than taking a tablet, but both are extremely fast acting, and the difference is not enough to make one more worth it than the other.Basically, it comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer injections over tablets and vice versa. You are going to experience the same results, as well as the same side effects, regardless of which method you choose for taking Dbol.

As stated above, the raws for Dbol are extremely inexpensive that it would make no sense for anyone to under dose and receive negative reviews. 100mg is plenty and I think just half of that would do anyone wonders. I urge you to try it out and unleash the power. Whether you choose injectables or tablets, you are going to experience the fast muscle growth and the increased strength that Dianabol provides.