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Michael D
04-22-2004, 11:38 PM
Well, for those of you who know what I went through Monday, I experienced it again today.

I am limping and the 35 minute ride home from work was hell. Even my clothes rubbing on my ass hurts.

I can't keep doing this but I don't want to stop this cycle. What are my options? I am pretty sure that if I shot elsewhere, it would be worse.

I will buy a different brand of enanthate if I have to. Would diluting it help?

Please help!

04-23-2004, 12:05 AM
Did you switch glutes?

Michael D
04-23-2004, 12:09 AM
Oh yeah.

04-23-2004, 12:14 AM
Diluting it isn't really going to do anything besides make you have to inject more. Try massaging the spot. After you inject does it look like you got bit by a monster mosquito?

Michael D
04-23-2004, 12:16 AM
No, it looks fine. No redness, no pain, nothing. But give it an hour and it is all downhill from there.

04-23-2004, 12:35 AM
Must be the gear
I retract my previous statement, you could dilute it.

04-23-2004, 01:09 AM
Must be a high BA level, cause it doesn't sound like your getting an infection. I hope when I start my Sustanon cycle in about a month its not that bad for me. :cry:

04-23-2004, 04:23 AM
Dale was having the same problem. He wound up mixing with EQ and said it really helps the pain, of course that assumes the BA content is high. Mike see my PM.

Dale Mabry
04-23-2004, 10:35 AM
Yeah, EQ eliminated it, but if you don't have acces to EQ, you could also buy sterile oil which would also do the trick. You can get it from www.androusa.com. I switched from 1cc once a week to .5cc twice a week and cut it with an equal amount of EQ. Another thing I found that helped a little bit was to do it right before bed, lie on your stomach, and put a heating pad on it for an hour or so, and then remain sleeping on your stomach. This cuts the pain by around 25% in my experience.

04-23-2004, 10:42 AM
what size pin and length are you using and exactly where are you injecting in the glutes ?

04-23-2004, 11:00 AM
is it similiar to having someone drive it in the back door?

Michael D
04-23-2004, 11:13 AM
I am using a 25g 1.5" pin in the upper/outer quadrant.

And topolo wtf? I can't say that I can liken it to an experience I haven't had(such as the one you suggested) although I am assuming that it is like getting kicked in the ass by someone with a cowboy boot. Really hard!

04-23-2004, 11:19 AM
Buy some cutting oil/sterile oil, and add a cc to each cc that you pull in your pin. Pull in 1/2-1cc of air and then flip the pin over and over mixing it (it works actually).

I dont know that brand very well but I have some prop of theirs on the way. The little feedback I've seen has been good, even 500mg/ml was workable in my rear end but not the most pleasant. Either you react very badly to any BA at all or else they suck and use way too much, I dunno.

Some home brewers are only using 1-1.5%, bacteriostatic water is only 1% BA (benzyl alcohol) and 99% distilled water.

04-23-2004, 11:24 AM
Originally posted by Michael D
No, it looks fine. No redness, no pain, nothing. But give it an hour and it is all downhill from there.

Strange, I'm wondering if you are going to be one of those people who always has problems with gear. Normally a little swelling is experienced, hmm.

Definitely cutting oil though, yes it means more volume but you aren't shooting a gram a week so its not all that much oil to begin with.

Michael D
04-23-2004, 11:56 AM
Well, it does swell and stays that way for a couple of days. By downhill I meant pain. Still no visual bruising or redness.

And say I cut it with an equal amount. The same amount of gear will be there. How does it help?

Yeah, I probably am one of those people who react bad to gear. Another one of my sorry traits shining. The only thing I got going for me is that I am not short. But then again, I am skinny as hell so the tall part makes me lanky. At least I don't feel sick any more.

Michael D
04-23-2004, 12:02 PM
I see 30cc of bacterial water with .9 ba added. Is that the right stuff?

Does anyone make an oil with no BA or is that not a good idea?

Just a guy
04-23-2004, 12:05 PM
dude its only your 2nd shot... Everyone goes through this... atleast i did... give it time... You just stock a inch and half needle with tons of hormones in it , into your ass... its not used to it... now if its still doing this after your 6th shot... then maybe a little concern.

04-23-2004, 12:06 PM
There are oils with no BA yes. You dont need bac water I was giving an example, of how items can remain sterile with even 1% BA, .9% is even less obviously.

Just buy sterile oil, you are trying to reduce the % of BA here not increase or add to it.

If your 1cc of gear has 5% BA and you added another 1cc with 5% it would have done you no good, just plain sterile oil brother.

Michael D
04-23-2004, 12:13 PM
Where is a good place to get it?

Dale Mabry
04-23-2004, 12:16 PM



It works like chlorine in a pool. If you stick your hand in a jug of just chlorine, look to get a serious burn. If you jump in a pool that has chlorine in it, no burn because it is diluted.

04-23-2004, 12:19 PM
www.universalkits.com also.

Michael D
04-23-2004, 12:22 PM
Ok, found some 100% filtered soy oil. That requires no heating right. Just pull it and mix with my test right like Mudge described right?

Just a guy
04-23-2004, 12:23 PM
In my opinion... i dont think any of this is neccesary... I had the same problem Michael... And now i dont even feel the pokes.. and it barely aches after words.

I had sustanon from PL and it was horrible... because it was the 1st time i had ever used it. But it could be high in BA because i think that Certain batch was... So its up too u..

04-23-2004, 12:24 PM

I would use the sterile sesame seed oil from Universal Kits.

Michael D
04-23-2004, 12:39 PM
Why would you use the sesame oil as oppsosed to the soy oil? I save a couple of bucks on shipping using the soy oil. It is from getpinz.com. I have ordered from them with no problems. Is the oil itself a concern?

04-23-2004, 12:47 PM
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the soy oil from GetPinz says 'filtered', but it doesn't say sterile. I believe you would still need to bake. The sesame seed oil from Universal is sterile oil.

04-23-2004, 01:05 PM
Does it matter what kind of sterile oil you use? Is there any difference?

Dale Mabry
04-23-2004, 01:16 PM
Not so long as it is sterile and you are not allergic to the type of oil.

04-23-2004, 03:07 PM
Originally posted by JerseyDevil
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the soy oil from GetPinz says 'filtered', but it doesn't say sterile. I believe you would still need to bake. The sesame seed oil from Universal is sterile oil.

Filtered can be considered sterile, it depends how fine the filter is. With the BA in the mix, its probably going to be ok but hey, probably sometimes leaves people dead :eek:

You can bake it seperately, put a pin in the top NOT in the oil and bake it 275 for 45m, I can look up exact temp range and time for sterility if you like, I've seen it recently. Its much longer than most people do. I myself would not worry but its your "ass" this is going into.

The oil does not exaclty matter, however some people are allergic to this or that. Cottonseed is popular because of its viscocity being so great (easy to push). Soy I would avoid just because of the reputation of what soy does to you when processed, i.e the posted articles "why soy is bad for your health" and etc

Soy was a push started by Ral$ton Purina. Lobbyists got aspartame passed after years worth of work on their part despite the feds knowing it was not good for you, money talks.

Michael D
04-24-2004, 12:52 AM
Ordered the sesame today. We will see how the next stick goes.