View Full Version : So i'm really thinking about a first cycle...

01-27-2005, 07:10 PM
So, I hit a nice plateau with training which sucks, :( i'm stuck at a 320bench, 400squat, and 450 dead(lbs). This is really making me think about running my first cycle maybe anavar and test e. I am looking more in the direction of strength cause thats what i mostly want and the anavar would keep my tendons strong because of the reduced collagen synthesis from the test. Being that i want to be lifting as heavy as i can, i need my tendons healthy. I don't wanna do anything too off the chart like halo or anadrol just yet. I have a nice body for me already so i'm not worried about that but i want my numbers high! If i was to run this cycle, would it be expected(i know there really isn't a definite answer) that the test would shut me down hard enough to have to use HCG? because i'd get Qv gear from mexico and i don't really think i'd have the access to HCG, unless i could find some for my mice? not sure if that is possible? anyway i know the side effects of roids but once you start running them are you dependent? like, will i still get the same amount of natural gains that i did before after wards? thats one of the things i always worried about and could never find an answer to. I've been training for 7 or 8 years (on and off(injuries)). I have a firm grasp on diet and nutrition, and am just constantly going over this in my head. I'm pretty sure i have MPB but i'd run finasteride before, during, and after the whole cylcle along with washing my hair with nizoral every other day or maybe use Spironolactone and that should hopefully take care of that. Then run full PCT. if the test might shut me down that hard, what about just straight anavar? I haven't gone over length yet just figuring researching maybe 6 weeks anaver 8 test not sure.

anyway thats whats going on :)