View Full Version : Training and eating when on cycle

03-19-2007, 07:04 AM
Hey there guys.

Im unsure if this is in the right forum but I assume all of you who have done cycles etc are all pretty clued up and experienced in the training techniques/styles and diets to support them.

Im starting a cycle fo M1T in April. Im basically asking advice concerning calories and training whilst on cycle.

Firstly, I currently eat about 4500 - 5000 clean(ish) calories e/d. Should I maintain this number or up the cals abit when on cycle, or lastly, up the cals when I come off, to support any size I may have gained?

Secondly, I train in a pretty varied style doing different excercises and rep ranges from week to week but for the cycle is it worth just going heavy around the 6 rep range for the duration in order to fully utilise the M1T in my system and cause more growth? Would it also be worth just sticking to a fixed training regime (e.g. Benching for the cycle instead of swapping with dumbells etc) to be able to more accuratley monitor, and initiate faster strength and size gains?

Hope all this made some sort of sense.