View Full Version : newbie Cycle with Clen and Cytomel

11-21-2007, 07:23 PM
Hey guys,

Just received a shipment for 200 pills clen(20mcg) and 100 Cytomel (100mcg). I have been researching these products out quite a bit and was wandering about the best conservative cycle with was goals I have in mind. All I am trying to do is cut down on as much body fat as possible and lean out. I once did two cycles of Deca about 5 years ago and went from 5'9 165 very lean to 210 with lots of water weight, and stopped working out completely like a jackass. Too much partying at the time. I am now 200 even and very soft, so basically I am starting over with very clean diet, running 2-5 miles a day, doing pushups, abs, and pullups for a workout regimine. All this with the right cycle might do the trick. Let me know your thoughts and keep in mind that I could use a good cycle because I haven't started yet with the combo, ony the diet and exercise and only 5 days into that. I have the combo in my possession, just wandering if you guys think this is the fastest way to get back to those lean days if possible. Not trying to overload on the combo though. Thanks again.