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Man Ace
01-25-2008, 02:30 PM
First off, I have searched and read through thread after thread in regards to this stuff. So before i get flamed for asking some questions, I wanted to say thanks to all that can help explain a few things...

So I want to change my cycle up. Currently I am on this BSN Mass Stack (nitrix,no-explode,cellmass, protien) and the results have been ok. I was started looking to swtich stacks to Gaspari and thats where I started running into these different stacks that they used to recommend. The stack that is available right now is SuperPump250, SizeOn w/ Novadex XT. After more research i started reading into Halodrol & Orastan-E that used to be stacked with this.

So, obviously Halodrol & Orastan-E aren't readily available anymore so I am looking at replacing them with H-Drol & Orastol-V. After reading through so many threads about PCT and Nolva, I am starting to lose focus of what my cycle should be. I'm thinking of doing a 6 week cycle.

1. If I take H-Drol & Orastol-V could I also stack them with SuperPump250 & SizeOn? Its my understanding that the Novadex XT is phased in at about week 4 or so?

2. Do I start the liver protection (Milk Thistle) during PCT or during the cycle? I reserached it on Google to buy and there are tons of different types. Which brand do you guys use? Anything else specific I need to get during the cycle?

3. Do I need a full blown PCT with this stuff? Do i need to look into getting nolva or is the Novadex XT enough? I read the similiar post about using H-Drol and it recommended getting AX Retain, Test Booster? & life support. Do i take Life support during PCT or phase it into the cycle?

I am sorry for all the questions but getting straight answers, without having to waste another month or 2 searching through random boards and threads, is what would be most beneficial.

I could ask my personal trainer about all this but I don't need to hear a lecture about how bad they can be... yada yada yada

Thanks again to anyone who can help... :)

BTW my stats:

25 Yrs Old
236 lbs (have lost 27lbs in 8 weeks)
20%+ BF guesstimate

01-25-2008, 02:41 PM
Not flaming you but at 20%+ bf you should not use either you need to get your bf down before you worry about these type of compounds:thumb:

Man Ace
01-25-2008, 03:07 PM
Not flaming you but at 20%+ bf you should not use either you need to get your bf down before you worry about these type of compounds:thumb:

Like i said it was a guesstimate. I havent had a test yet so I have no clue. Just looking for some solid advice concerning the cycle.

01-25-2008, 05:36 PM
1. Using SuperPump and Size on with the prohormones is fine, but pumps may get too intense and actually interfere with workouts. If that happens, lower or drop the pump supplements.

2. Use Life Support during the cycle and during pct, and you are covered for liver protection.

3. A SERM would be ideal.