View Full Version : SNS inhibit E and mixed bottles?

02-25-2008, 03:24 PM
I have ran 5 cycles of superdrol in the last 2 years, and just recently ran my first cycle of Mdrol, it worked very good, I tried S-drol and it was terrible, it did nothing but anyways.......when I got the M drol it was very hard to find, everywhere I tried ordering it, it was out of stock and still is most everywhere. I finally found it on a site from texas ive never heard of and ordered it. When I got it the bottle was white with a cheap seal on the lid like you would buy from a store, but had the same exact Mdrol label as my buddys, but his bottle was black and had a white plastic seal...I was confused but it worked the same. Well every cycle but 1 cycle I have done I used inhibit E for pct along with other things, but one time tried novedex xt. My question is that I ordered a bottle of the inhibit E and it came in the same SNS blue bottle with black plastic seal on it. My buddy has had a hard time finding it because it is out of stock in a lot of stores, but he finally found it on BB.com, but when it came, we found out it is in a white bottle with cheap looking plastic seal on top that is clear, but with the same exact label as the other inhibit E bottles in the past, it was the same exact bottle and seal that my Mdrol came in, but with the inhibit E label. Can someone please explain to me what is going on, and how a different company can have totally different bottles than others? doesnt SNS sell the stuff to the stores in the SNS bottle and everything or are the other stores able to make the same stuff and put the SNS label in different bottles?