View Full Version : help me out with this cycle

05-15-2008, 10:13 PM
Hey Experts,

I've got some stuff "lying around". Can someone write me out a cycle?

I have:

10 cc bottle TEST PROP 100mg/ml
10 cc bottle TEST CYP 100mg/ml (I know that its weak and cyp is usually 200 -250 mg/ml but hey it was free. I know I'll need to grab another bottle. Not a problem)
100 Win tabs

Its not that i cant buy more stuff but id rather get what i can with what i have readily available.
Searched around a bit but its tough to get a straight answer on the subject. Thats why i came to this board.

Im 35 , been lifting 17 yrs, 218 lbs 10 -12% BF ( i think)
Been cutting since just after Xmas (needed to LOL) Went from 233 to 218
Not looking to compete. Im a pro wrestler. Just want to put some size back on and lean out further

Im definitely no expert, but ive done 2 previous AAS cycles years ago.(done Sust 250, anadrol, dbol, winstrol tabs ... not at the same time lol)

If you guys can write me out a cycle complete with recomendation for a PCT (Nolvadex?) It'd be greatly appreciated.
Also, What can i expect for results off this cycle? Thanks

05-26-2008, 12:14 AM