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The Admin
05-06-2009, 08:41 AM
Steroid.com: lawsuit against EliteFitness.com is dismissed

Brian Clapp (aka Dynamic Sports Nutrition and Steroid.com) has had his lawsuit against EliteFitness.com dismissed. The lawsuit entailed copyright infringement between the books Anabolic Gameplan (published by EliteFitness.com), and the first book I had published, Anabolic Steroids, Ultimate Research Guide. On 2-6-2009, the case was dismissed with prejudice (meaning he can not file it again).

There were, in fact, severely plagiarized portions of Anabolic Gameplan, which literally copied (verbatim) portions of the first book I wrote. Last Summer, I rewrote those portions (8 pages in total) for EliteFitness.com, at a rate of $125 per page (and was paid $1k for my efforts). What can I say, I like to help people…(*so, if you buy Anabolic Gameplan, you ought to know that 8 pages in it were actually written by me, and not the author listed on the cover).

In the past, Clapp has been sued by Labrada Nutrition (1999), a case which was dropped voluntarily when he complied with their demands, Samson Distributing (2007), for trademark infringement, and even by Anabolics.com (2001) for copyright infringement (*for which Mr. Clapp had to pay them damages and remove the content from his website). Apparently, Mr. Clapp did not learn his lesson when Anabolics.com sued him, as he has recently had his SARM website removed and blacklisted from Google’s search engine, for stealing content from SarmInfo.com and Wikipedia.