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  1. test e test p mastron e mastron p and winstrol tabs how do i run it the best

    one vial of test e two vials of test p and one vial of mast p one of mast e and i have winstrol caps about 40 or 50 whats the best way to run this please any help is much needed
  2. Need help with cycle i have test e test p mastron e matron p and winstrol caps help

    ok so i have a little test cyp left mabey 2 weeks i have 2 shots left of sustanon i just kinda quit the sust and went to cyp and i have airmidex ect ect but what my main concern here is what do you...
  3. hey new here just looking for some support and help along the way if i need it

    hey like the title says im new here just looking to meet new people share goals ect get help and help other the more i can learn the better
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