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  1. Amy Rebecca: ''I wanna get married one day and then divorce'' (part 6)
  2. Amy Rebecca on smacking a girls butt on slow motion and becoming a viral video on Reddit.
  3. Amy Rebecca on being approached by guys in a weird way (part 4)
  4. Amy Rebecca on if she can earn a living from social media & TikTok. (part 3)
  5. NDO Champ on the movie industry & expanding the NDO brand by training programs. (part 9)
  6. Amy Rebecca on getting back at her ex boyfriend by becoming a successful influencer.
  7. NDO Champ on only going back home with the Mr. O title and wanting to rebuild Liberia.
  8. Amy Rebecca on Fitness, being a DJ & her boyfriend breaking up for a guy. (part 1)
  9. NDO Champ on mindset, telling Brandon Curry not to slack off & being a gift of God.
  10. Quincy Winklaar on his favorite bodybuilder & his personal all-time Mr. Olympia. (part 7)
  11. NDO Champ on cutting a business partner short, BPI sports & genetics. (part 6)
  12. Quincy Winklaar on his food, diet, calories, protein & supplements. (part 6)
  13. NDO Champ on getting shot and going on stage three weeks later. (part 5)
  14. Quincy Winklaar on being in trouble if he misses a meal his wife prepped for him. (part 5)
  15. NDO Champ on doing boxing classes, being introduced to bodybuilding & being shot. (part 4)
  16. Quincy Winklaar on what is important in life & losing a friend during his time in the army
  17. NDO Champ on seeing he will be Mr. Olympia & having a second chance after prison. (part 3)
  18. Quincy Winklaar on his life besides bodybuilding. (part 3)
  19. Big Boy & Stax on how Big Boy keeps his team in check & the meaning behind 1903 & the star
  20. Camile Periat on her goals, her businesses, advice & her daughter. (part 2)
  21. Andrei Deiu on what brought him into the sport, why he moved to the U.K. & his goals.
  22. Big Boy & Stax on Strength Cartel & inspiring the youth. (part 1)
  23. Camile Periat on how she started in the fitness industry & managing her busy life. (part 1
  24. Andrei Deiu on being from Romania, competing & handling fame. (part 1)
  25. Julius Maddox on Macdonald's, his next goal to lose weight and inspiring others. (part 4)
  26. Melvin Anthony on helping the new generation, how to put on size, nutrition & training.
  27. Allison Warrell on motivating people, being a celebrity trainer & her health. (part 2)
  28. Julius Maddox on having momentum, being a pillar in his community & weight loss. (part 3)
  29. Melvin Anthony on who would win if you put all the Mr Olympias on one stage. (part 4)
  30. Allison Warrell on how fitness influenced her life, sponsors & her views on parenting.
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